The mie_derivs.pro procedure performs single particle Mie scattering calculations, providing the distribution of scattering radiation, various particle cross sections and the analytically derived derivatives of all calculated quantities.

A the derivation of expressions for the analytical derivatives of Mie scattering terms is covered by:
Grainger, R.G., J. Lucas, G.E. Thomas, G. Ewan, "The Calculation of Mie Derivatives", Appl. Opt., 43(28), 5286-5393, 2004.

Calling the procedure

mie_derivs.pro is an IDL procedure and can be called with the following command line from the IDL prompt (as long as the source file lies within your IDL_PATH environment variable):

mie_derivs, Dx, Cm, Dqv [, /SILENT], Qext, Qsca, dQextdx, dQextdRem, dQextdImm, dQscadx, dQscadRem, dQscadImm, i1, i2, di1dx, di2dx, di1dRem, di1dImm, di2dRem, di2dImm [, ASYM=ASYM] [, dASYMdx=dASYMdx] [, dASYMdRem=dASYMdRem] [, dASYMdImm=dASYMdImm]

The input parameters in the above call are:

The output parameters are: Note: All of the above output variables are scalars of type double. Note: All of these output variables will be vectors of type double, with the same number of elements as Dqv.

Limitations and dependences

Download source code

The source code for this routine and supporting routines is part of the EODG Mie scattering distribution which may be downloaded as a gzipped tar file here.

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