mie_dlm_single DLM


mie_dlm_single is an IDL DLM which is functionally equivalent to mie_single.pro (with some minor differences!). The Mie algorithm itself is written in Fortran 77 and the DLM functionality is added by a C wrapper.

Note: A brief guide to creating IDL DLM's is now available here.

Calling the procedure

mie_dlm_single is an IDL DLM procedure and can be called with the following command line from the IDL prompt (as long as the both mie_dlm_single.dlm and mie_dlm_single.so are located somewhere with the path defined by the IDL_DLM_PATH environment variable):

mie_single, Dx, Cm [, Dqv=Dqv] [, /DLM] [, mthread=mthread] [, /SILENT], Dqxt, Dqsc, Dqbk, Dg [, Xs1] [, Xs2] [, SPM]

The input parameters in the above call are:

The output parameters are:

Limitations and dependences

The maximum size parameter allowed by mie_dlm_single.pro is 1200. Any value larger than this will result in the programme halting with the error message:
MIE_DLM_SINGLE: Size Parameter Overflow.

In order to use the routine you must have both the mie_dlm_single.dlm and mie_dlm_single.so in the path specified by your IDL_DLM_PATH environment variable.

Download source code

The source code for this routine and supporting routines is part of the EODG Mie scattering distribution which may be downloaded as a gzipped tar file here.

Maintained by Greg McGarragh