MIPAS Documents from Oxford

TN = Technical Note, MA = Manual
PO-TN-OXF-GS_0011 (ASCII Text) Dec'04
SVD-Decompression for tabulated k-coefficients
Task 1.5, CCN2 11886/96/NL/GS
PO-TN-OXF-GS-0012 (pdf file) Apr'99
Retrieval errors due to spectral errors
Task 4, CCN3 11886/96/NL/GS
PO-TN-OXF-GS-0013 (pdf file) Sep'99
A Multi-Layer Technique for Microwindow Selection
Task 2.1, CCN4 11886/96/NL/GS
PO-TN-OXF-GS-0014 (pdf file) Jun'00
MIPAS Ultimate Retrieval Accuracy - Final Report
Task 4.3, CCN5 11886/96/NL/GS
PO-TN-OXF-GS-0014 Appendix (pdf file) Dec'00
MIPAS Ultimate Retrieval Accuracy - Appendix
Task 4.3, CCN5 11886/96/NL/GS
PO-TN-OXF-GS-0015 (pdf file) Feb'01
Latitude-Dependence of MIPAS Microwindow Selection
Task 5.7, CCN5 1171/95/NL/CN
PO-MA-OXF-GS-0016 (web page) Apr'01
MWMAKE (Microwindow Selection) - User's Guide
Task 3, CCN5 11886/96/NL/GS
PO-TN-OXF-GS-0017 (pdf file) Aug'01
HITRAN Error Correlations
PO-TN-OXF-GS-0018 (pdf file) Aug'01
MIPAS Predicted Retrieval Accuracy
Now superseded by web-pages http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/group/mipas/err/
PO-MA-OXF-GS-0019 (pdf file) Aug'01
MIPAS Microwindow Processing Scheme (MWPROC)
Task 2, CCN5 11886/96/NL/GS
PO-TN-OXF-GS-0020 (pdf file) Apr'03
REC Analysis of MIPAS Data
PO-TN-OXF-GS-0021 (pdf file) Apr'03
MIPAS Occupation Matrix Statistics Jul02-Feb03

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