MIPAS-related studies at Oxford

Non-LTE model validation using MIPAS high altitude spectra (Tech Note, Jul 2008)
Comparison of day/ngt differences in MIPAS MA mode spectra with predicted differences using the same non-LTE model data that was also used to create the error spectra used in the microwindow selection
contact: Luis Millan Valle

Altitude offsets in the sideways-viewing mode during the 2008 Teresina campaign (Tech Note, June 2008)
Analysis of the L1B pointing offsets during sideways viewing observations
contact: Joanne Walker.

Measurement of Stratospheric CFCs (MPhys Project, May 2008, Andrew Mining, Queen's College)
An analysis of the expected signatures of various CFCs,HCFCs,HFCs in MIPAS spectra and an estimate of the random error from a retrieval

UT/LS Retrievals from Satellite Limb Sounding (NERC D.Phil project, 2003, Mark Parrington)
Comparison of the capabilities of ISAMS and MIPAS in retrieving water vapour and ozone in the Upper Tropospher/Lower Stratosphere region.
supervisors: Clive Rodgers, John Remedios (U.Leicester) and Brian Kerridge (RAL).

Measurements of Acetone in the Upper Troposphere (NERC D.Phil project)
Investigating the detection and retrieval of acetone in the upper troposphere using data from the MIPAS balloon instrument and new laboratory measurements of acetone infrared absorption cross-sections.
contact: Alison Waterfall, supervisors: Clive Rodgers and John Remedios (U.Leicester)

Retrieval of Atmospheric Composition from the MIPAS Satellite (NERC D.Phil project)
Retrieval and Validation of CH4 and H2O from MIPAS using the Oxford processing scheme.
contact: Vivienne Payne, supervisors: Anu Dudhia and Don Grainger

Retrieval of Atmospheric Composition from the MIPAS Satellite (NERC D.Phil project)
Retrieval and Validation of [tbd] minor species using the Oxford processing scheme.
contact: Alastair Burgess, supervisors: Anu Dudhia and Don Grainger

ClO Retrieval using MIPAS (Report, PDF file) (Student project, April 2000)
Investigation of the feasibility of retrieving ClO from MIPAS.
author: Jim Robinson (St Catherine's College), supervisor: Anu Dudhia

The Impact of CFCs on MIPAS measurements (Report, PDF file) (Student project, April 2001)
Analysis of the concentrations of 21 CFC/HCFC/HFC compounds in the atmosphere and their expected signatures within the MIPAS spectral range.
author: Oliver O'Brien (Pembroke College), supervisor: Anu Dudhia

Cloud Detection in MIPAS Spectra (Report, PDF file) (Student project, April 2002)
Investigation of the sensitivity of the Leicester `Cloud Index' and its relation to equivalent cloud opacity in the field-of-view.
author: Dominik Kasprzyk (Exeter College), supervisor: Anu Dudhia

Carbon Monoxide Retrievals from MIPAS (Report, PDF file) (Student project, August 2002)
Investigation of the feasibility of retrieving profiles of CO from MIPAS data
author: Ben Fletcher (St John's College), supervisor: Anu Dudhia

Study of water and ozone concentrations from MIPAS and SMR data (Report, PDF file) (Student project, July 2004)
Comparison of H2O and O3 retrievals from MIPAS and ODIN/SMR instruments for 22Nov03.
author: Payel Das (St Edmund Hall), supervisor: Chiara Piccolo.

MIPAS Special Modes Study (ESA Contract 16700/02/I-LG)
The main Oxford contribution was a Survey of Existing Algorithms for the Selection of Auxiliary Data, which included an investigation into microwindow selection for a number of minor species. Report [PDF File].

Optimisation of Microwindow Positioning for the Detection of Cloud in MIPAS Spectra (Report, PDF File) (Nuffield Science Foundation project)
An investigation into whether the current A-band microwindows used for MIPAS Cloud detection can be improved, on the basis of simulated cloudy spectra.
author: Harry Desmond (Abingdon School)

Past Projects

2000-2003 MIPAS Retrievals (OPTIMO) (EU Framework V project AMIL2DA)
Oxford, as well as several other groups involved in this project, developed independent off-line retrieval schemes for MIPAS. The Oxford scheme 'OPTIMO', used the RFM as the forward model and the retrieval used a 'Kalman Smoother' to update a running estimate of the atmospheric profile with spectra at their measurement locations, similar to the ISAMS Temperature retrieval.
OPTIMO was later recoded as 'MORSE'

1995- Microwindow Selection (MWMAKE) (ESA Contract 11717/95/NL/CN/CCN-5)
An algorithm was been developed for selecting the optimal spectral regions ("microwindows") for the retrieval of different species in order to maximise the information content allowing for both random and systematic errors while minimising the processing time. For the MIPAS operational processing, typically 5 microwindows each of width 1-3 cm-1 are used for each species. See [Error Analysis]
Contact: Anu Dudhia
Microwindow Selection for High-Spectral-Resolution Sounders
App. Optics, 41, 3665, 2002
Dudhia, A., V. L. Jay and C. D. Rodgers,

MIPAS Spectra: Analysis and Retrievals (Envisat Cal/Val project AO-323)
Oxford has a role as an 'Expert Support Laboratory' in validating ESA's operational processing of MIPAS data. For this, the Oxford processor OPTIMO was adapted to simulate the operational retrieval and allow individual sub-models and assumptions to be tested.

1996-2000 Reference Forward Model (RFM) (ESA Contract 11886/96/NL/CN)
The RFM was originally developed to simulate atmospheric spectra for testing MIPAS retrieval software, but has subsequently been developed into a general-purpose line-by-line radiative transfer model.
contact: Anu Dudhia

1995-2002: Fast Monochromatic Radiative Transfer Techniques (ESA Contract 11717/95/NL/CN/CCN-5)
Processing satellite data in real time requires rapid models to simulate atmospheric radiances at high spectral resolution. Line-by-line models are generally too slow, but techniques have been developed using pretabulated absorption coefficients (compressed using SVD) and irregular spectral grids with negligible loss of accuracy. These are now used in ESA's operational retrieval for MIPAS and can also be applied to other IR instruments such as HIRDLS.
Contact: Anu Dudhia
Fast monochromatic radiative transfer calculations for limb sounding
J. Quant. Spect. & Radiative Trans., 74, 745-756, 2002
Dudhia, A., P. E. Morris and R. J. Wells

1998: ACE-CHEM (ESA Contract 13048/98/NL/GD)
As part of a study coordinated by RAL, the microwindow selection scheme MWMAKE developed for MIPAS was adapted to make performance predictions for ACE-CHEM, a candidate for a core instrument of ESA's Earth Explorer missons.

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