MORSE v3.1 is officially available from 3rd May 2012.
MORSE v3 is officially available from September 2005. It does everything MORSE v2 does, but also As far as the v2 user is concerned, the following changes are required.
  1. The L1C data has to be generated in the new format by running the new program
  2. The MORSE driver tables have to be restructured: instead of sections arranged as on the left, they are now arranged as on the right, with the *SCN section deleted and the *LEV section relabelled as *TAN.
    MORSE v2 MORSE v3
    *HDR *HDR
    *FLG *FLG
    *SCN *L1C L1C file itself now conveys info originally in *SCN section
    *LEV *RTV Retrieved species now defined before retrieval levels
    *RTV *[LEV] to allow subsets of retrieval grid for different species
    *MWL *MWL *LEV header now replaced by *ALT, *PRE, *SWP or *TAN
    *MDB *MDB according to required definition of retrieval grid
    *CLI *CLI
    *ILS *ILS
    *FOV *FOV
  3. The output morse.swp file from the pT retrieval should be inserted into the *L1C section immediately after the L1C filename - this is now how the sweep altitudes are modified rather than via the *L2P section.
  4. The NOM and HYD flags are no longer used. The NOM flag is now effectively always applied while the hydrostatic constraint is applied whenever both temperature and pressure/pointing are retrieved.