MIPAS Orbital Retrieval using Sequential Estimation

MORSE is a FORTRAN77 program developed under NERC's Earth Observation Enabling Fund to allow (mainly) UK groups to perform their own retrievals of atmospheric profiles from MIPAS spectra. [More...]

To obtain a copy of MORSE, email You will then receive the distribution tar file which not only contains the source code but sufficient additional files to get MORSE running demonstration retrievals.

Recent Changes

24th May 2005
New version of MORSE and L1C code (generated v2.0 L1C data)

17th Mar 2005
New version of MORSE:

14th Mar 2005
Updated l1c software (fix bug in dealing with corrupt spectra)

3rd Feb 2005
Updated distribution tar file morse_v2.tar.Z

15th Dec 2004
New version of MORSE:

10th Dec 2004
New version of MORSE:

7th Dec 2004
New version of which generates L1C files in Format v1.5 (slightly modified from previous format), also assigns microwindows to output sweeps according to nominal altitude rather than L1B reported altitude.
Requires new version of MORSE to allow data to be read, although you could just fiddle subroutine drvl1c.for to stop it complaining that it can't read v1.5 L1C files (because really it still can).

1st Dec 2004
New version of MORSE:

30th Nov 2004
Add Auxiliary Data to web-site.

29th Nov 2004
New version of MORSE:

25th Nov 2004
New version of MORSE:

19th Nov 2004
New version of MORSE: LUT and GRD flags no longer required - now switched on by default. FGD flag added to switch-off irregular grid instead. Also fixes Bugs#3&4
l1c.html web-page added, describing the pre-processor to apodise MIPAS spectra and extract microwindows.

18th Nov 2004
New version of MORSE to fix Bug#02 and add optional *SHP section to driver table (to specify non-Voigt line shapes).

16th Nov 2004
Add Bug Reports and Updates web-pages.
New version of MORSE to fix Bug#01

15th Nov 2004
Start made on Software User's Manual, section on driver table completed.

10th Nov 2004
Web page updates.html added to keep track of updates to source code

2nd July 2004
Version 1 now released. Source code, L1C spectral microwindows and all auxiliary data for pT and H2O retrieval, together with instructions and sample outputs, available as a tar file.

For more information, please contact Anu Dudhia (