MIPAS Auxiliary Data

Last Updated: 25JAN05

Microwindow databases, Occupation Matrices and Look-Up Tables for processing of MIPAS data. All files are ASCII.
Occupation Matrices (OM*DAT files)
These specify which microwindows are used over which tangent altitude ranges.
Directory also includes simple listing of microwindows and error analyses
Directory: ./OM/
See ./OM/README.txt for more details

Microwindow Databases (MW*DAT files)
These contain spectral masks, irregular grids and absorber lists for all microwindows, although only the subset of microwindows defined by the occupation matrix will be used for a particular retrieval.
Directory: ./MW/
See ./MW/README.txt for more details

Look Up Tables
These contain tabulated absorption coefficients as a function of pressure, temperature and wavenumber (0.0005cm-1 grid), compressed using singular value decomposition (SVD). One file per microwindow per absorber.
Directory: ./CS/
See ./CS/README.txt for more details