MORSE Distribution tar file

Last updated: 03FEB05

MORSE is distributed by email as a compressed `tar' file morse_v2.tar.Z. (approx 15Mb). When you have extracted it from the email, uncompress it
uncompress morse_v2.tar.Z
which will result in a file morse_v2.tar, which can be unpacked using
tar -xvf morse_v2.tar

This expands into a directory morse_v2 including several subdirectories and a file README.txt which is listed below:

This directory contains sufficient files to compile and run a MORSE pT and H2O
retrieval for a single profile of MIPAS data.

./source/  MORSE source code 
./CS/      Look-Up Tables for pT and H2O microwindows
./MW/      Microwindow database files containing masks and irregular grids
./L1C/     MIPAS microwindows for Scan#13 Orbit 2081 (24Jul02, 45degN)
./morse_files/ auxiliary files required by MORSE
./hitran/  Dummy HITRAN-type binary file (containing only H2O 791-808cm-1)
./xsc/     Cross section molecules (containing only aerosol in this case)
./pt/      driver table and microwindow list for pT retrieval
./h2o/     driver table and microwindow list for H2O retrieval

(./pt/sample/ and ..h2o/sample/ contain sample outputs generated during 
a run of morse in each directory).

When you have unpacked the data,
1. change to directory /source and compile morse by typing
   f77 *.for -o morse

2. change to directory /pt and run the pT retrieval by typing

3. change to directory /h2o and run the H2O retrieval by typing

Retrieved profiles are called morse.rtv and morse.atm created in the 
/pT and /h2o directories, which can be compared with the equivalent files 
in subdirectory

See MORSE documentation on for further



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