Running MORSE

Last updated: 22DEC04

MORSE is run in the same way as any other program under unix/linux. Assuming an executable called morse and has been compiled in relative directory ../source/, to run MORSE type

Note that on some systems, if morse is in the local directory, you may need to type ./morse rather than simply morse.

When run, MORSE attempts to open a file called morse.drv (the driver table) in the local directory which determines which other files are required and controls subsequent operations. No terminal inputs are required.

A typical terminal output for a successful run would then be something like

R-MORSE: Running MORSE v18NOV04
I-MORSE: Processing PT__0001 686.400 689.400 30.0 68.0
I-MSEMIC: Processing Sweep#01 Alt= 67.8 [km]
I-MSEMIC: Processing Sweep#02 Alt= 59.9 [km]
I-MSEMIC: Processing Sweep#03 Alt= 52.1 [km]
R-MORSE: Successful completion

The messages R-MORSE:... are always the first and last messages, the first message also confirming the version of the software

The messages I-MORSE: Processing ... indicate each microwindow, its wavenumber and tangent altitude range as read from the .lst file in the *MWL section of the driver table.

The messages I-MORSE: Processing Sweep... indicate each sweep# within the L1C data being processed for the current microwindow, and its tangent altitude (revised altitude if using the HYD Flag)

An unsuccessful run will terminate with an error message (usually the second line printed to the terminal) starting with F-ABCDEF where ABCDEF is the subroutine where the error was detected.

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