RFM Examples

Nadir Brightness Temperature



Off-Nadir viewing Brightness Temperature through the US Std Atmosphere.

*FLG section specifies the NAD flag for downward viewing through a plane parallel atmosphere; the BBT flag to output the brightness temperature spectrum and, mandatory with nadir-viewing, the SFC flag indicating that surface conditions are to be specified.

In the *SEC section the value 1.015 corresponds to sec ( 10 deg ), i.e., viewing 10 degress off-nadir.

The *SFC section specifies the surface temperature (288.2 K, in this case the same as the temperature of the lowest level of the atmosphere) and the surface emissivity 1.0 (the emissivity is optional, had it not been specified a value of 1.0 would have been assumed anyway).

Driver Table

19AUG13 RFM Example: nadir brightness temperature
   1220 1230 0.1
  CH4 H2O N2O
  288.20 1.0

Output Files

Output Spectrum