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Nadir Brightness Temperature, Curved Atmosphere



Off-Nadir viewing Brightness Temperature through the US Std Atmosphere allowing for Earth Curvature and refraction (this is the more accurate version of the example using the Plane Parallel approximation).

*FLG section includes the OBS flag to show that observer altitude is specified, and the CRV flag to show that the earth's curvature is supplied (default is to assume RFM default curvature of 6367.421km).

*ELE section specifies the path as an elevation angle relative to horizontal (-80 degrees being 10 deg off-nadir). Although this runs the RFM in its default 'limb-viewing' mode, the path intersects the surface so that the usual specification of a limb path by (refracted) tangent height cannot be used, so the alternative definition of path by observer altitude and elevation angle is used instead.
Actually path specification by geometric tangent height (*GEO) could still be used, but that would probably require the user calculating this distance using the information they would supply anyway for the *OBS, *ELE and *CRV sections here).

*OBS section specifies that the observer altitude is 800km.

*CRV section specifies that the local radius of curvature is 6400km.

Driver Table

20AUG13 RFM Example: : nadir bbt, curved atm.
   1220 1230 0.1
  CH4 H2O N2O
  288.20 1.0

Output Files

Output Spectrum