RFM Examples

Unknown Absorbers



Similar to the limb radiance example, but, apart from specifying CO2, allowing the RFM to choose which other absorbers are significant in the chosen spectral range.

In the *GAS section the *(12) entry allows the RFM to add any other absorbers above a particular strength ('12' is 'quite strong') - inspecting the rfm.log it can be seen that it chooses to add H2O and F12 (CFC-12).

Since it was not known in advance whether the RFM will choose to add any molecular cross-section data (F12 in this case), there is an additional entry in the driver table: the *XSC containing a directory with various .xsc files. The RFM makes the substitution f12 for the * character in ../xsc/*.xsc and finds f12.xsc (alternatively, the user could have explicity specifed various .xsc path/filenames in this section and the RFM would have inspected each searching for one, and only one, containing f12 cross-sections).

Driver Table

28AUG21 RFM Example: unknown absorber selection
   935 940 0.0005
   CO2 *(12)

Output Files

Output Spectrum