Fortran Programs

This directory contains a collection of Fortran programs designed to manipulate spectroscopic and RFM data files.

HITRAN Data Manipulation
makxsc.f90 MAKXSC Create HITRAN cross-section .xsc file
mrghit.f90 MRGHIT Merge HITRAN .par files
subhit.f90 SUBHIT Extract subset of HITRAN .par file
GEISA Data Manipulation
geihit.f90 GEIHIT Convert GEISA line parameter data to HITRAN .par format
geixsc.f90 GEIXSC Convert GEISA cross-section data to HITRAN .xsc format
RFM Data Manipulation
binasc.f90 BINASC Convert RFM spectra from binary to ASCII or vice-versa
hitbin.f90 HITBIN Convert HITRAN .par files to RFM binary format
makgrd.f90 MAKGRD Create irregular grid (.grd) file
mrggrd.f90 MRGGRD Merge irregular grid (.grd) files
RFM LUT Manipulation
tabaux.f90 Auxiliary modules for manipulating LUT files
tabcmp_v.f90 TABCMP_V Compress LUT file in spectral domain
tabcmp_x.f90 TABCMP_X Compress LUT file in (p,T,q) domain
tabcut.f90 TABCUT Reduce spectral range of LUT file
tabhdr.f90 TABHDR Extract header info from LUT file
tabmrg.f90 TABMRG Merge LUT files

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