Latest: MAKXSC v1.01 (05AUG15)




makxsc.f is the FORTRAN77 program to convert user-supplied cross-section data into the RFM
.xsc format (which is basically the HITRAN format with some extra initial records).

This is probably most useful for converting aerosol extinction data, or for adding an extra molecule as X109 or X110 (see Note 4)

This assumes that the user-supplied data consists of a tabulation for just one pair of pressure, temperature values. The output file has these set to 760 Torr and 273 K, although since there is only one pair of coordinates there is no interpolation (or extrapolation) in the (p,T) domain so actual values are irrelevant.

Installing makxsc

First download the source code: [makxsc.f]

Then compile with any FORTRAN77 compiler, eg

f77 makxsc.f -o makxsc

Running makxsc

To run the program, simply type makxsc and respond to the prompts.

A typical run might be (user responses in bold)

makxsc R-MAKXSC: running MAKXSC v.1.0 Input file: aerosol.dat Output file: aerosol.xsc RFM index#: 100 Label (=aerosol): R-MAKXSC: Successful completion

The program takes less than a second to complete.


  1. The first line tells you which version (1.0) of the program is being executed.
  2. The second line asks you for the user-supplied data (see Input Format)
  3. The third line prompts for the output filename
  4. The fourth line asks for the RFM molecular ID# (100, in this case, for aerosol).
  5. The fifth line prompts for a label for this molecule, up to 20 characters with no spaces (the default is an RFM code for the the identified molecule). The actual label isn't important since the RFM determines the molecule from the ID#.

Input Format

The user supplies data in a format such as below

! aerosol extinction 50 1500 1549 1.022250E-03, 1.118420E-03, 1.218010E-03, 1.320690E-03, 1.426060E-03, 1.533740E-03, 1.643300E-03, 1.754290E-03, 1.866240E-03, 1.978610E-03, 2.174860E-03, 2.361520E-03, 2.536850E-03, 2.698760E-03, 2.820530E-03, 2.844770E-03, 2.847410E-03, 2.868770E-03, 2.893790E-03, 2.918930E-03, 2.935980E-03, 2.969390E-03, 3.020240E-03, 3.021840E-03, 3.070630E-03, 3.096640E-03, 3.122300E-03, 3.167460E-03, 3.168840E-03, 3.214020E-03, 3.232010E-03, 3.257210E-03, 3.295740E-03, 3.318430E-03, 3.337480E-03, 3.366700E-03, 3.386880E-03, 3.401350E-03, 3.425640E-03, 3.387640E-03, 3.446710E-03, 3.463740E-03, 3.474780E-03, 3.477240E-03, 3.487030E-03, 3.489080E-03, 3.494730E-03, 9.298100E-04, 9.755510E-04, 2.796710E-03


Apart from the initial comment records, the data is read 'free-format'.

The program will then create the .xsc format file below:

! RFM .xsc file created by program makxsc.f, v1.0 ! aerosol extinction *** 100 1 HITRAN2K 1500.0000 1549.0000 aerosol 1500.0000 1549.0000 50 273.00 760.0 3.495E-031.000 1.022E-03 1.118E-03 1.218E-03 1.321E-03 1.426E-03 1.534E-03 1.643E-03 1.754E-03 1.866E-03 1.979E-03 2.175E-03 2.362E-03 2.537E-03 2.699E-03 2.821E-03 2.845E-03 2.847E-03 2.869E-03 2.894E-03 2.919E-03 2.936E-03 2.969E-03 3.020E-03 3.022E-03 3.071E-03 3.097E-03 3.122E-03 3.167E-03 3.169E-03 3.214E-03 3.232E-03 3.257E-03 3.296E-03 3.318E-03 3.337E-03 3.367E-03 3.387E-03 3.401E-03 3.426E-03 3.388E-03 3.447E-03 3.464E-03 3.475E-03 3.477E-03 3.487E-03 3.489E-03 3.495E-03 9.298E-04 9.756E-04 2.797E-03

Incidentally, to convert this to HITRAN .xsc format, delete the initial records up to, and including, the record starting with '***'.

Version History

v1.00 (22JAN15)
Original code
v1.01 (05AUG15)
Change '$' in WRITE statements to avoid gfortran warnings