RFM v5 Bugs

This is a list of bugs detected for the new RFM v5.0. See separate page for RFM v4 bugs]

Report any bugs to anu.dudhia@physics.ox.ac.uk

v5 Bug-Finder Hall of Fame (excluding myself since I have an unfair advantage)

  1. Xiaoying Li (RADI, China) (4)
  2. Olivier Auriacombe (RAL) (1)
  3. Lucy Ventress (AOPP, Oxford) (1)

Where the bug can be corrected by simply downloading a modified subroutine (or subroutines) and recompiling, the necessary modules are listed as Patch.

Reported: 28JUN18 (Olivier Auriacombe, RAL)
Affects: v5.00, v5.01,
Symptom: Fatal error message
F-ATMPRF: Atmospheric profile levels not yet established
If using HOM flag in combination with atmospheric parameters in *ATM specified by PARAM=VALUE pairs rather than by .atm files.
Reason: Code branch for PARAM=VALUE inputs missed the profile initialisation step used for the file inputs. Now added
Patch: atmpar_sub.f90, atmcom_dat.f90
Fix: RFM v5.02

Reported: 23MAY18 (Lucy Ventress, AOPP, Oxford)
Affects: v5.00
Symptom: Fatal error message
F-SHPGAS: Two different line shapes specified for gas= co2
If using MIX flag in combination with CHI shape specified for CO2 in *SHP section (although OK if CHI shape specified by CHI flag, which is the simpler/recommended method)
Reason: Code for handling different lineshapes assumes CO2 lineshapes already specified by MIX (line-mixing) flag so regards Chi-factor as a conflict. In fact the Chi-shape can be used with or without line-mixing.
Patch: shpgas_sub.f90
Fix: RFM v5.01

Reported: 23MAY18 (Xiaoying Li, RADI, China)
Affects: v5.00
Symptom: Array bound error if using FOV + JAC flag, and tangent paths above the perturbed region
Reason: Coding error in handling assignment of tangent rays with FOV and Jacobian combination. Requires a bit of a rewrite of several modules.
Patch: [none]
Fix: RFM v5.01

Reported: 05MAY18
Affects: v5.00
Symptom: Array bound error if using spectral upper range 980cm-1 with O3 as an absorber
Reason: There is an ozone line in HITRAN2012 (and 2016) at exactly 1006cm-1 which the RFM attempts to include within the ±25cm-1 range of the upper limit of 980cm-1 (which means any line within the 1005–1006cm-1 interval) , which causes the array bound error. Subroutine SPCWID now altered so that any line exactly at the upper limit is not included in the interval.
Patch: spcwid_sub.f90

Reported: 04MAY18 (Xiaoying Li, RADI, China)
Affects: v5.00
Symptom: Array bound error reading HITRAN .par file directly (as opposed to reading converted binary version)
Reason: HITRAN uses '0' in the isotope field to indicated isotope#10, but the subroutine REAPAR was reading this as 0, which then translates to an invalid array element in the list of isotopic weights.
Patch: reapar_sub.f90

Reported: 04MAY18 (Xiaoying Li, RADI, China)
Affects: v5.00
Symptom: Error with FOV flag if the RFM is compiled with
ifort -traceback -check all
Reason: The function FOVFIL reads in the FOV altitudes directly into part of a structure (=derived data type) FOV%ALT. I assume this is not strictly allowed, and reading the data into a local array first seems to fix the problem (no other compilers, switches seem to register this as problematic). I assume there will be other similar occurrences elsewhere in the code if this particular compilation option is used ...
Patch: fovfil_sub.f90

Reported: 03MAY18 (Xiaoying Li, RADI, China)
Affects: v5.00
Symptom: Either crashes or multiple warnings in log file when running with HITRAN2016 data.
Reason: The function VALISO tries issue warning of an unrecognised isotope but local array noting previous warnings (to avoid repetition) was not SAVEd between calls. (This also highlights an additional problem that the RFM is not yet up-to-date with all the new molecules & isotopologues introduced with HITRAN 2016)
Patch: valiso_fnc.f90

Reported: 02MAY18
Affects: v5.00
Symptom: Incorrect calculation for plane-parallel atmospheres (NAD or ZEN flag) with viewing direction specified by elevation angle *ELE section)
Reason: The subroutine VRTPTH assumed all scaling for plane-parallel atmospheres was using sec(zenith) ( *SEC section)
Patch: vrtpth_sub.f90

Reported: 02MAY18
Affects: v5.00
Symptom: Array bound errors when calculating more than one spectral range with FOV flag
Reason: The subroutine SPCFOV, which performs the FOV convolution, re-sizes the data structures used to contain tangent paths required to store FOV paths so they cannot be reused for subsequent spectral ranges
Patch: jacpth_sub.f90, jacfov_sub.f90, spcfov_sub.f90
(jacfov_sub.f90 is a new module so you will need to compile it first before running the v5.00 makefile)