RFM Downloads

08JAN17 ADD read_atm.pro
This web-page contains links to RFM input files. These are (mostly) text files so you should be able to view the files just by clicking on the filename, and your web-browser should also be able to download them.


This are the HITRAN Partition Sum data for each molecule/isotope combined into a single file suitable for input to the RFM using the
TPS option (default is to calculate partition sums using polynomial approximations).
(Compressed) TIPS file for all molecules/isotopes downloaded from the HITRAN ftp site on 13FEB03

IDL Procedures

Various useful IDL procedures (=subroutines) for reading RFM files
Read RFM ASCII spectrum. Also rfmrd2.pro for version which also works with RFM binary spectra.
Read a single atmospheric profile from .atm file
Read contents of .atm file

FORTRAN Programs

Examine binary line data file, eg HITBIN output. Prompts user for filename and either a range of record numbers or a wavenumber range. Output to terminal is then a simple listing of each record (converted back into HITRAN-like format for transition data records).