RFM Driver Table Sections

*CIA Section: Collision-Induced Absorption Data


Secondary Section - activated by CIA Flag.

Specify Collision-Induced Absorption files.

Multiple fields, arbitrary order
FILCIA C200 Name of .cia File
DEFCIA C200 Default .cia Filename template (contains '*' character)

  1. .cia files can be downloaded from the HITRAN web-site.
  2. If a filename template DEFCIA is supplied, identified by containing a '*' character, first all the explicitly specified files are read, then '*' character in the template is expanded to the absorber name of any remaining molecules in the form eg 'O2-N2'
  3. Currently the RFM only expects CIA data for a limited set of molecules, so rather than search for every possible pair of molecules listed by the user in the *GAS, only the 7 following pairs are checked:
    N2-N2, O2-CO2, O2-N2, O2-O2, CH4-CH4, CO2-CO2, N2-CH4.
    This list is specified in subroutine ciadef_sub.f90
  4. The order of molecules, eg O2-CO2 or CO2-O2, only matters in the list of filenames searched by ciadef_sub.f90. Otherwise the two forms are equivalent.

   ../rfm_files/N2-N2_2011.cia    ! CIA data for N2-N2
   ../rfm_files/*_2011.cia        ! Other data, eg N2-CH4, O2-N2

None reported.