RFM Flags

CLC Flag: Calculate Absorption Coefficients for every Path Segment


Absorption coefficients for each gas in each path segment are calculated according to local Curtis-Godson parameters
Separate raypath calculated for each distinct ray required for FOV convolution

Absorption coefficients may be calculated by scaling those of similar (ie Curtis Godson p,T) segments by the absorber amount.
Rays for FOV convolutions may be approximated by other rays with similar tangent altitude.

Incompatible with HOM, NAD, TAB and ZEN Flags

  1. Enabling this flag will require significantly more CPU time and memory.
  2. The main purpose of this section is to check that the normally reasonable approximations made in the RFM by default do not significantly affect the results.
  3. Restrictions: in the case of TAB Flag, specific absorption coefficients are calculated by definition, while in the other three cases the 'scaled' absorption coefficient is analytically identical to the specific calculation.

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