RFM Flags

COO Flag: Write Cooling Rate Spectra


Create .coo files containing Cooling rate spectra [K/day/cm-1]
If *COO section in Driver Table, read user-defined filename.

No cooling rates calculated.
*COO section ignored.

Incompatible with TAB Flag.
FLX Flag must be enabled.

  1. Cooling rates are defined as d(Fu-Fd)/dz*1/(Cp*ρ) where Fu and Fd are the upward and downward spectral radiance fluxes, z is altitude, Cp is the molar heat capacity (default value CPKMOL_DEF in file phyadj_dat.f90, adjustable using *PHY section) and ρ is the molar density of air molecules.
  2. Cooling rates can be averaged over output intervals using the AVG Flag, but the user has to multiply by the output grid wavenumber interval in order to get K/day for that spectral interval.
  3. The actual cooling rate calculation involves a quadratic fit to three adjacent profile levels. If the levels are equally spaced, this reduces to a simple difference in net fluxes (Fu-Fd) calculated at levels above and below the output level.
  4. See RFM Outputs for default filename(s).

Bug#72 (Fixed v4.29)
Bug#35 (Fixed v4.12)