RFM Flags

GRD Flag: Use Irregular Grid Files


Driver Table requires *GRD section (From RFM v4.33 onwards *GRD section is optional)
Use irregular spectral grids, if available, for calculations, interpolating spectra to regular grid before output.
If generating look-up tables (TAB Flag) the output is also on the irregular grid.
From RFM v4.33 onwards, an irregular grid can also be constructed from the set of spectral points in the look-up tables supplied in via the *LUT section of the Driver Table so an explicit irreg.grid input file is not required.

Use regular spectral grid for all calculations
Ignore *GRD section.
Interpolate absorption coefficient data from LUT files to regular grid before radiative transfer calculations.

Incompatible with WNG Flag.

  1. See *GRD section for further details

Bug#96 (Fixed v4.33)
Bug#52 (Fixed v4.22)
Bug#43 (Fixed v4.22)
Bug#39 (Fixed v4.22)
Bug#33 (Fixed v4.12)
Bug#20 (Fixed v4.11)