RFM Flags: Homogeneous Path Calculation

HOM Flag



Assume path through an atmosphere containing at least two profile levels.

Incompatible with BFX, CLC, FLX, FOV, GEO, GRA, LAY, LEV, LOS, NAD, OBS, and ZEN Flags.

  1. The path conditions are specified in the *ATM section either as a series of PARAM=VALUE pairs (eg TEM=296.0) or as .atm files — if using .atm files the first file must contain only contain a single-level 'profile'
  2. The actual value of any *HGT 'altitude' is only relevant if subsequent .atm files contain full profiles, in which case the values will be interpolated at the specified altitude. So, for example, a singe HGT value of 10km can be used to select path conditions appropriate to 10km altitude from the profile.
  3. The SFC flag and *SFC section can be used to set any background emission.

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