RFM Flags

JAC Flag: Calculate Jacobian Spectra


Driver Table requires *JAC section
Write out Jacobian spectra

No Jacobian calculations
Ignore *JAC section.

Incompatible with MTX, LEV and TAB Flags.

  1. Jacobian spectra are difference spectra where some atmospheric or surface parameter is perturbed by a unit amount and the RFM outputs the difference between the (perturbed-unperturbed) calculations
  2. Due to the large number of spectra thay may be generated with this option, it may also be necessary on some machines to use the LUN Flag (not necessary for RFM v5 onwards)
  3. Line-of-sight pointing Jacobians are generated with the LOS Flag rather than the JAC Flag.
  4. See *JAC section for further details.

Bug#107 (Fixed v4.34)
Bug#98 (Fixed v4.33)
Bug#88 (Fixed v4.32)
Bug#83 (Fixed v4.31)