RFM Flags

JTP Flag: Tangent Point Jacobians


Limit selection of output Jacobians for limb-viewing spectra to tangent point perturbations only

Normal Jacobian calculations for all combinations of tangent points and perturbations

JAC Flag must also be enabled (and with same incompatibilites)
Also Incompatible with HOM and NAD and ZEN Flags, since limb-viewing mode required
*JAC section perturbation altituded must be defined using the TAN field, and therefore limb-paths must also be specified by atmospheric tangent points, i.e. using *TAN as the section header rather than *GEO or *ELE.

  1. The purpose of this option is to restrict the potentially large number of output spectra that can be generated in limb-viewing mode if only the Jacobians for tangent point perturbations are required.

None reported