RFM Flags

LAY Flag: Automatic Sub-Layering of Profiles


RFM v4.33 onwards: divide user-supplied layers into two by altitude
RFM v5.00 onwards, also, if using pressure grid, divide into two by ln(pressure)
older versions: Limit thickness of vertical layers to comply with maximum allowed variation of Planck Function and line width. Constructs intermediate profile points until criteria are met, retaining all original profile points.

Use vertical profile levels as specified in the *HGT or *PRE profile of the first .atm file in the *ATM section of the Driver Table.

Incompatible with HOM Flag.

  1. The main purpose of this flag is as a quick test to see if the altitude grid-spacing on the user-supplied profiles is sufficiently fine to support the assumptions used in equating atmospheric paths to equivalent homogeneous paths for the Curtis-Godson approximation and Planck-function variation (see also BFX flag for Planck-variation). If the results with/without the LAY flag are significantly different then the layering is too coarse.
  2. The PRF Flag can be used to write out the new profiles that are actually used

Bug#121 (Fixed v4.36)