RFM Flags

LEV Flag: Write Intermediate Level Spectra


Driver Table requires *LEV section
Calculate and write out spectra at intermediate altitude levels along ray path

No intermediate outputs
Ignore *LEV section.

Incompatible with FLX, HOM, JAC, LOS and TAB Flags.

  1. The 'secondary' *LEV section required by this Flag should not be confused with the alternative *LEV name for the 'primary' *TAN section that can be used if the FLX Flag is enabled.
  2. The incompatibility with the JAC and LOS Flags is due to the same arrays being used to store both types of output.
  3. Due to the large number of spectra thay may be generated with this option, it may also be necessary on some machines to use the LUN flag.
  4. See *LEV section for further details.

Bug#123 (Fixed v4.36)