RFM Flags: Linearly Interpolate Profiles

LIN Flag


Interpolate profiles assuming VMR varies linearly with altitude (or ln(p))

Interpolate profiles assuming ln(VMR) varies linearly with altitude (or ln(p)).


  1. The main influence of this flag is when computing Curtis-Godson equivalent parameters for each layer
  2. The effect is only likely to be significant with molecules which vary rapidly with altitude (eg tropospheric water vapour) and/or thick layers. Although there is no 'correct' answer here, the default ln(vmr) interpolation is likely to produce more physically realistic profiles in these extreme cases. If in doubt, just try running the RFM with/without this flag.
  3. Aerosol extinction profiles are always interpolated linearly since negative extinction values are permitted.
  4. Temperature profiles (and vibrational temperatures) are always interpolated linearly.
  5. The interpolation with altitude or ln(p) depends on whether the user selects a height or pressure grid at the start of the *ATM section of the driver table.

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