RFM File Formats

.nte File: Non-LTE Data


Input(s), mandatory if NTE Flag enabled.

Vibrational temperatures, partition functions and/or rotational temperatures for non-LTE calculations.

Specified in *NTE section of Driver Table

One record is read with a specific format statement, others are free-format
!CMNT [comment record(s)]
*** MODEL NSET NGAS NLEV NQPR [read with format (3X,5I6)]
PRE(1) PRE(2) ... [Pressure Profile]
ISET [=0, flag for Kinetic Temperature]
TK(1) TK(2) ... [Kinetic Temperature profile]
... TK(NLEV)
!CMNT [optional comment records]
IDX(IQPR) ISO(IQPR) [start repeat for IQPR=1:NQPR ]
QV(1,IQPR) QV(2,IQPR) ... [Partition Fn profile]
... QV(NLEV,IQPR) [end repeat for IQPR]
!CMNT [optional comment records]
[start repeat for ISET]
TV(1,ISET) TV(2,ISET) ... [Vibrational Temperature profile]
... TV(NLEV,ISET) [end repeat for ISET]

FieldTypeDescriptionAllowed Range
MODEL I Model ID (ignored)
NSET I No.of Vibrational Temperature sets in file >0
NGAS I No.of different species in file >0
NLEV I No.of profile levels in file >0
NQPR I No.of Vib.Partition Fn profiles >=0
IDX I HITRAN index for each gas See List of Absorbers
NISO I No.isotopes represented for each gas (value ignored by RFM)
PRE R*4 Pressure profile value [mb]
ISET I Temperature profile# 0:NSET
TK R*4 Kinetic Temperature value [K]
ISO I HITRAN Isotope index See List of Isotopes
QV R*4 Vibrational Partition Fn Value
IVSGQ I Vibrational Level Global Quantum Number
ROTID C*9 HITRAN Rotational Level Local Quantum ID (Optional)
TV R*4 Vibrational Temperature value [K]

  1. These files are in the same format as GENLN2 non-LTE input data supplied by IAA Granada, Spain.
  2. In normal use, only the vibrational temperatures are supplied since rotational LTE is assumed. If ROTID is specified then Rotational non-LTE is implemented for particular lines
  3. If a purely vibrational temperature is specified for a level (no ROTID field) this becomes the default for any transitions for which no rotational ID is specified.
  4. A negative value of the vibrational quantum number IVSGQ for the upper energy of a transition results in the RFM only calculating the source function in LTE, while assuming line strength and absorption are determined by LTE (ie kinetic temperature)

!  Non-LTE CO2 Vibrational temperatures for US Std.Atmos
***     6     3     1     5     1
        2     1
5.529E+01, 2.871E+00, 2.190E-01, 1.050E-02, 3.200E-04
    216.70, 250.40, 247.00, 198.60, 195.10
!QV   Vibrational Partition functions
     2     1
 1.000331  1.000228  1.000165  1.000171  1.000196
!TV   Vibrational Temperatures
     1     2     1     2    667.3801
210.000   201.750   195.000   195.750   198.500
     2     2     1     3   1285.4087
210.000   201.750   194.929   195.731   198.488
     3     2     1     4   1335.1317
221.986   225.341   227.785   229.493   231.004