RFM Driver Table Sections

*PHY Section: Change Physical Constants


Optional Section, enabled if present in Driver Table (no associated flag required).

Allows the user to modify certain 'adjustable' physical constants within the RFM.
Also, RADCRV (the local radius of curvature), which replaces old CRV flag and *CRV section.

Multiple records, any order, each containing a PARAM = VALUE pair.
PARAM is case insensitive.
CPKMOL R*4 Molar heat capacity of air [J/K/kmole] 29012.0
GRAVTY R*4 Acceleration due to gravity [m/s2] 9.80665
RADCRV R*8 Local radius of curvature [km] 6367.421
TEMSPA R*4 Cosmic background temperature [K] 2.7
WGTAIR R*4 Molar weight of air [kg/kmole] 28.964

  1. Spaces are allowed before and after PARAM and VALUE fields
  2. The default values for these parameters are stored in phyadj_dat.f90 with names like PARAM_DEF
  3. CPKMOL is only used when calculating cooling rates (COO flag).
  4. GRAVTY and WGTAIR are only used for plane parallel atmospheres (NAD or ZEN flags) without HYD flag.
  5. RADCRV is only used for limb-viewing geometry calculations
  6. TEMSPA is used for radiance calculations which include a space view but, in practice, only affects microwave radiances. However it could also be used to model (crudely) solar background radiance as a Black Body.

  RADCRV = 6.4E3    ! modify radius of curvature
  GRAVTY=9.8          ! modify g

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