RFM Flags

PRF Flag: Write Out Internal Profile


Create .prf file containing internal profile of absorbers and levels actually used
If *PRF section found in Driver Table, read user-defined filename.

Internal Profile not written out.
*PRF section ignored.


  1. The internal profile contains profiles of temperature, pressure and VMRs etc on the set of levels used for the internal forward model. This is a combination of the user-supplied files in the in the *ATM section interpolated to the first height or pressure grid (removing any VMR profiles for species not selected in the *GAS section), plus any additional levels that may be introduced by the *OBS, *JAC or *LEV sections.
  2. The profile is output in the same format as .atm input files.
  3. For 1D calculations a single file is written, but for 2D calculations (GRA Flag) separate files are written for every specified horizontal angle.
  4. See RFM Outputs for default filename(s).

Bug#79 (fixed v4.29)
Bug#78 (fixed v4.29)