RFM Flags

PRF Flag: Write Out Internal Profile


Create .prf file containing internal profile of absorbers and levels actually used

Internal Profile not written out.


  1. The internal profile contains profiles of temperature, pressure and VMRs etc on the set of levels used for the internal forward model. This is a combination of the user-supplied files in the in the *ATM section interpolated to the first height or pressure grid (removing any VMR profiles for species not selected in the *GAS section), plus any additional levels that may be introduced by the *OBS, *JAC or *LEV sections.
  2. The profile is output in the same format as .atm input files.
  3. For 1D calculations a single file is written, but for 2D calculations (GRA Flag) separate files are written for every specified horizontal angle.
  4. See RFM Outputs for default filename(s).

Bug#79 (fixed v4.29)