RFM Driver Table Sections

*REJ Section: Line Rejection Limits


Secondary Section - activated by REJ Flag.

Minimum line strengths (adjusted for path conditions) to be used for widemesh and finemesh calculations.

(RFM v4.*) Two fields, identified by order.
1. WIDREJ R*4 Minimum Line strength for inclusion in widemesh calculation
2. FINREJ R*4 Minimum Line strength for inclusion in finemesh calculation
RFM v5, Multiple records, arbitrary order
Record structure: GAS, STR
GAS C*7 Line molecule to which rejection limit is applied, or '*'
STR R*4 Minimum Line strength for inclusion

  1. The main purpose of rejecting weak lines is to decrease the CPU time for calculations. However, if it is used, you are strongly advised to perform tests to verify that significant lines are not excluded.
  2. GAS can be any line molecule used in the calculation, including isotopic variants (eg as 'H2O(4)' for HDO). Optionally, a wildcard '*' may be used to specify a minimum strength for all (other) line molecules which are not explicitly listed in this section (otherwise all lines for these molecules will be included)
  3. STR is in units of HITRAN line intensity (per molecule) multiplied by Avogadro's number (per kmole, so approx 6E26), which is how the RFM uses these numbers (the scaling is to allow strengths to be represented by single precision - see STREN field in .hit file format).

RFM v4.
        1.0E-8     1.0E-9  ! values recommended for MIPAS reference spectra
RFM v5
    CO2 1.0E-8        ! All CO2 lines
    H2O(4) 1.0E-9     ! HDO lines
   * 1.0E-10          ! All other lines

[none reported]