RFM Driver Table


The RFM is controlled by a Driver Table, an ASCII file opened as 'rfm.drv', which is intended to be created/modified with a text editor. If the file is not found in the user's current directory a fatal error results.


  1. The driver table is divided into sections, marked by records starting with *XXX, where XXX is one of the predefined set of section labels, but the last record should be *END
  2. Any remaining text (column 5 and beyond) in these section header records is ignored but the entire section header records are printed to the rfm.runlog (rfm.log for RFM v5.0 onwards) file to help track progress in reading the driver table.
  3. Sections are divided into 3 classes: Primary, Secondary and Optional.
  4. The records within each section are mostly field-structured, ie contain one or more fields in arbitrary order spread over as many records as required. Some sections are record-structured, in which case the type and sequence of fields within a record is fixed. See descriptions of individual sections for details.
  5. Only the first 200 elements of each record within the driver table are read, anything beyond 200 characters is ignored (set in lenrec_dat.f90 for RFM v5.0 onwards)
  6. Comments may appear at any point within the Driver File, indicated by an exclamation mark '!'. Since any text on the record following an exclamation mark is ignored, these can be used to comment out complete records or ends of records. Empty records are also permitted.
  7. Case is only significant when defining filenames or directories (internally, most information is converted to lower case).


RFM/examples/ for example driver tables for various applications.

The following driver table creates radiance spectra from 700.5-702.8 cm-1 viewing a standard atmosphere at 3 different tangent heights assuming CO2 and H2O as the only absorbing species. The radiances are convolved both vertically (with the instrument FOV) and spectrally (with the instrument lineshape) and output is on a 0.025cm-1 grid. This would produce 3 radiance files (one for each tangent height): rad_20000.asc, rad_30000.asc, rad_40000.asc, each containing a spectrum of 93 points.

! 01AUG05 Example Driver Table
RFM run using Driver Table v.01AUG05
      ILS RAD FOV        ! Create ILS & FOV-convolved RADiance spectra
      700.5 702.8 0.025  ! Output range 700.5-702.8 cm-1 on 0.025 cm-1 grid
      CO2 H2O 
      std.atm            ! US Std Atmosphere
      20 30 40           ! 20,30,40 km tangent heights
      hitran_1996.bin    ! HITRAN 96 line data
      mipas.ils          ! MIPAS Instrument Line Shape
      mipas.fov          ! MIPAS Field-of-view tabulation