RFM File Formats


When the RFM is run it first opens an output file rfm.log and then reads a Driver File rfm.drv. Other files are described below, with relevant Driver Table Flags and Sections.

Input Files

Format Description Flag Section
.atm Atmospheric Profiles *ATM
.cia Collision Induced Absorption data *CIA
.fov Field-of-View data FOV *FOV
.gas List of absorbers *GAS
.grd Irregular Spectral Grid GRD *GRD
.hit HITRAN Line Database *HIT
.ils Instrument Line Shape ILS *ILS
.nte Non-LTE Data NTE *NTE
.sfc Surface Emissivity Spectrum SFC *SFC RFM spectral file
.svd SVD-compressed Look-Up Table LUT *LUT
.tab Tabulated Absorption Coefficient LUT *LUT
.tan Tangent Altitudes *TAN
.xsc Molecule Cross-Section Data *XSC

Output Files

Format Description Flag Section
.abs Absorption Spectrum ABS *ABS RFM spectral file
.bbt Brightness Temperature Spectrum BBT *BBT RFM spectral file
.coo Cooling Rate Spectrum COO *COO RFM spectral file
.opt Optical Depth Spectrum OPT *OPT RFM spectral file
.prf Internal Profile PRF *PRF .atm format
.pth Path Diagnostics PTH *PTH
.rad Radiance Spectrum RAD *RAD RFM spectral file
.rjt Rayleigh-Jeans Temperature Spectrum RJT *RJT RFM spectral file
.tab Tabulated Absorption Coefficient TAB *TAB
.tra Transmission Spectrum TRA *TRA RFM spectral file
.wid Widemesh Diagnostics WID *WID