RFM Driver Table Sections




Primary Sections

The first 6 sections of the Driver Table are mandatory, and must appear in the following sequence:

*HDR Header Text for output files
*FLG Flags
*SPC Spectral Range & Resolution
*GAS List of Absorbers
*ATM Atmospheric Profiles
*TAN Tangent Heights (or other ray-path definitions) (Note 1)
[etc] (secondary and optional sections, any order)
*END End-of-File Marker (Note 2)

  1. Note that instead of *TAN, alternatives *DIM, *GEO, *ELE, *LEN, *LEV or *SEC may be used in specific cases.
  2. The last record of the Driver Table should be an End-of-File label, after which no further records are read (make sure that there is a <CR> after *END)

Secondary Sections

The requirement for the following sections depends on the contents of the
primary sections (especially the *FLG section). These may be input in any order after the primary sections. If not required the section will be ignored, but a warning message will be printed in the rfm.log file.
Label Description Flag
*CIA Collision-Induced Absorption Data Note 1
*FIN Spectral Resolution of Fine Mesh calculation FIN
*FOV Field-of-View Data FOV
*GRD Irregular Grid Data GRD
*HIT HITRAN Line Data Note 2
*ILS Instrument Line Shape Data ILS
*JAC Jacobian calculation elements JAC
*LEV Intermediate Output Levels LEV
*LUT Look-Up Table Data LUT
*OBS Observer Location OBS
*OUT Specify Output Filenames Note 3
*PHY Change Physical Constants Note 3
*REJ Weak Line Rejection limits REJ
*SFC Surface Parameters SFC
*SHP Molecular Lineshapes (ie non-Voigt) SHP
*SVD SVD-compressed Look-Up Table Data SVD
*XSC Molecular Cross-Section Data Note 4
  1. Any listed CIA data files, appropriate to pairs of molecules, are automatically assigned to any absorbers listed in the *GAS section
  2. 'Line Molecules' are those represented by specific transitions in the HITRAN database, with HITRAN indices below 100
  3. The *OUT and *PHY sections have no associated flag — if present then their contents are read and acted upon.
  4. 'Cross Section Molecules' are those (heavy molecules) with absorption coefficients tabulated as a function of wavenumber, pressure and temperature, indices 100 or higher