RFM File Formats

.sfc File: Surface Emissivity Spectrum

RFM v4.35 onwards: this file format no longer used - replaced by standard RFM Spectral file format.
Input, optional if SFC Flag enabled.

Surface emissivity spectrum.

Specified in *SFC section of Driver Table

!CMNT [optional comment records]
SPC(1) SPC(2) ...
... SPC(NPT)
EMS(1) EMS(2) ...
... EMS(NPT)

!CMNT C*80 Comment record(s) (optional) Record starts with '!'
NPT I Number of tabulated points |NPT| = 1:MAXSFC (in rfmsiz.inc)
Spectral values as wavenumber [cm-1] NPT >0
Spectral values as frequency [GHz] NPT <0
SPC R*4 Spectral values for tabulation >0
EMS R*4 Emissivity values 0:1 inclusive

  1. A positive value of NPT indicates that the emissivity values are tabulated as a function of wavenumber [cm-1] and a negative value for frequency [GHz]. If the units are inconsistent with the setting of the GHZ flag, a warning message is written in the rfm.runlog file.
  2. The spectral values must increase or decrease monotonically
  3. The emissivity between the tabulated values is linearly interpolated
  4. If the tabulated spectral range does not fully overlap the range specified for the RFM calculations in the *SPC section, a warning message is written in the rfm.runlog file. The edge values of the table are used instead (ie no extrapolation).

! Surface emissivity in 12um window
5  = No.tabulation points
   800 850 900 950 1000
   0.995 0.996 0.995 0.994 0.993