RFM Flags

SFC Flag: Specify Surface Characteristics


Driver Table requires *SFC section (optional from RFM v4.33 onwards )
Allows rays paths which intersect (and reflect from) the surface (or background, with HOM Flag) using specified surface temperature and (optionally) emissivity.

Only allow paths which do not intersect the surface
Ignore *SFC section.

Incompatible with TAB and ZEN Flags.

  1. The SFC flag is required for calculations which intersect the surface, which is really just to warn the user that this is the case. In the absence of a *SFC section in the driver table (allowed from RFM v4.33 onwards ) the surface is assumed to act as a black body at the same temperature as the base of the atmosphere.
  2. See *SFC section for further details

Bug#25 (Fixed v4.12)
Bug#10 (Fixed v4.10)
Bug#6 (Fixed v4.04)