RFM File Formats

.tan File: Tangent Height File


Input(s), optional.

Generic RFM-format for rfm.drv input where a file name containing a set of pretabulated real numbers is input as an alternative to typing each number explicitly in the driver file itself, eg pretabulated list of calculation tangent heights (or other viewing geometries), or axis values for TAB option.

Specified in *TAN, *JAC or *DIM sections of Driver Table.

!CMNT [optional comment record(s)]
TAN(1) TAN(2) ...
... TAN(NTAN) [arbitrary no of fields 1:NTAN]

FieldTypeDescriptionAllowed Range
!CMNT C80 Comment record(s) (optional) Record starts with '!'
TAN R As Described in *TAN section (or GEO, ELE, SEC, LEV, LEN)
or ALT R As Described in *JAC section
or AXS R As Described in *DIM section

  1. Comment records may be inserted at any point, identified by the first character being '!' (eg, use ! to temporarily comment out records)
  2. Maximum of 80 characters per record
  3. There must be a carriage return <CR> at the end of the last record.
  4. One way of using a .tan file is to hold a list of predefined altitudes eg corresponding to nominal elevation scans
  5. If used in the *JAC section, the .tan file can only contain altitudes (not angles or other variables associated with viewing geometries)
  6. If used in the *DIM section, the variables associated with the p,T, or q-axes must be monotonically increasing or decreasing.

! Nominal MIPAS Scan Pattern 6 - 68km in 17 steps
6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 47 52 60 68