RFM File Formats

.tps File: Tabulated Total Internal Partition Sum data


This file type will not be used from RFM v5.0 onwards
Input(s), mandatory if TPS Flag enabled.

Tabulated TIPS data for different molecules/isotopes as a function of temperature.

Specified in *TPS section of the Driver Table.

Files may be concatenated
!CMNT [optional comment record(s)]
IDX(i) ISO(i) NPT(i) PT1(i) PTD(i) [Start Repeat for gas/iso i]
TIPS(1,i) TIPS(2,i) ...
... TIPS(NPT(i),i) [End Repeat for i]

!CMNT C*80 Comment record(s) (optional) Record starts with '!'
IDX I HITRAN Index See List of Absorbers
ISO I HITRAN Isotope# See List of Isotopes
NPT I No.of tabulated points 1:MAXTPT (in rfmsiz.inc)
PT1 R*4 Lowest tabulated Temperature [K]
PTD R*4 Temperature increment [K]
TIPS R*4 TIPS value at each temperature

  1. Comment records, identified by the first character being '!', may be inserted between the complete TIPS data for each IDX,ISO combination but not within the data.

! H2O TIPS values - first 5 temps only as an example - do not use!
! File: H2O_161.dat
! Molecule#  Isotope#     NTem      Tem1      TemD
         1         1      5         70.0       1.0
   19.98540       20.41787       20.85324       21.29149       21.73261
! File: H2O_181.dat
! Molecule#  Isotope#     NTem      Tem1      TemD
         1         2      5         70.0       1.0
   20.15708       20.59318       21.03220       21.47412       21.91895
See http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/RFM/rfm_downloads.html#tps for usable examples