RFM Driver Table Sections

*TPS Section: Total Internal Partition Sum Data


This section will no longer be used from RFM v5.0 onwards
Secondary Section - depends on TPS Flag.

Total Internal Partition Sum tabulations for each molecule/isotope as a function of temperature

Multiple fields, arbitrary order
FILTPS C*80 Name of .tps File
DEFTPS C*80 Default .tps Filename template (contains '*' character)

  1. If a filename template DEFTPS is supplied (identified by containing a '*' character), first all the explicitly specified files are read, then '*' character in the template is expanded to the absorber name of any molecules for which TIPS data has not yet been loaded and, if the file exists, the data is read in.
  2. These files are the original HITRAN format Partition Sums for 70-3000K for each molecule/isotope converted to RFM-specific format.
  3. RFM .tps files can each contain one or more molecules/isotopes and can be concatenated into a single file (at the expense of a longer initial read time)
  4. Any molecules/isotopes found in files listed in this section will be used for direct linear interpolation in subroutine tpslkp.for, other molecules/isotopes will use the pretabulated polynomial expressions in subroutine qtfct.for
  5. If data for a particular molecule/isotope is duplicated, either within the same file or in a subsequent file the last dataset is used and a warning message written to the rfm.runlog file.
  6. See http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/RFM/rfm_downloads.html#tps for .tps files.

      co2.tps         ! CO2 vibrational temperatures for US Std Atmosphere
      ./rfm_files/*.tps ! other molecules, eg './rfm_files/h2o.tps'

[none reported]