RFM Driver Table Sections

*XSC Section: Cross-Section Data


Secondary Section - depends on whether any 'cross-section' molecules selected.

Specify molecular cross-section files.

Multiple fields, arbitrary order
FILXSC C*200 Name of .xsc File
DEFXSC C*200 Default .xsc Filename template (contains '*' character)

  1. 'Cross-section' molecules (as opposed to 'Line' molecules) are those absorbers with indices >50.
    RFM v5: any molecule which is not a line molecule is assumed to be a cross-section molecule, including those not explicitly assigned RFM indices
  2. RFM v5: the *XSC section also accepts files in the original HITRAN .xsc format, as well the RFM .xsc format (which is the HITRAN format with extra header records inserted). However you will first need to concatenate these into a single file, eg if you've downloaded a set of files N2O5*xsc from the HITRAN web-site, then
    cat N2O5*.xsc > n2o5.xsc
  3. If a filename template DEFXSC is supplied, identified by containing a '*' character, first all the explicitly specified files are read, then '*' character in the template is expanded to the absorber name of any remaining molecules (using the 'fnn' form for CFCs).
  4. Cross-section data is provided as absorption coefficient spectra measured at a set of arbitrary (p,T) coordinates. For particular path (p,T) conditions, the RFM interpolates using triangulation or, for points outside the triangulation domain, interpolation to the value at the closest boundary point.

       f11.xsc   ! Cross section data for F11
       f12.xsc   ! Cross section data for F12
       ./rfm_files/*.xsc   ! Other data, eg './rfm_files/f22.xsc'

Bug#113 (Fixed v4.32x)
Bug#110 (Fixed v4.34)
Bug#56 (Fixed v4.26)