Differential Mobility Analyser


To ensure the instrument remains in good condition and provides accurate results, take careful note of the following points:

Regularly remove the nozzle of the impactor to check it is clean and that it is the correct device for the DMA in use. If the valve is blocked, it should be cleaned by having clean air blown through it, or by ultrasonic methods.

The impactor should be lightly greased before use, with a thin layer of the lubricant provided, to ensure the larger particles adhere to it.

The electrodes will require regular cleaning to ensure accurate readings from the CPC. This should be done every 3-6 months, or the distributions outputs will be inaccurate. The electrodes should be wiped down with a soft, clean tissue/cloth, and have clean air blown through between them.

Remember that the electrodes of the DMA are very precisely and accurately built. Thus they need to be handled with considerable care in order to ensure that they are not dented or distorted, as this will in turn distort the electric field produced within the DMA.