EODG MPhys Reports


Robin Edds, Long-Term Trend Analysis of the Impact of Aerosols on Climate


Nick Pepper, Instrument to sample and return airborne particles from an unmanned aerial vehicle

James Preston, Application of the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer to Arc-Scale Monitoring of Volcanic SO2

Harry Touche, Trace Species and Aerosol Flagging with IASI Data


Jamie Ball, Retrieving the complex refractive index of volcanic ash for wavelengths in the visible spectrum.

Alim Thawer, Instrument to sample and return airborne particles from an unmanned aerial vehicle.


Kieran Hunt, Instrument to sample and return airborne particles in a volcanic plume.


Gavin Fourie, The Refractive Index of Volcanic Ash Aerosols.
(winner of the Johnson Memorial Prize)

Thomas Sears, Satellite tracking of volcanic eruption plumes using ash and SO2.

Livia Thorpe, Investigating the radiance emitted by the Earth using AATSR data.

Patrick Watts, Ash detection and characterisation in IASI data.

Andrew Whitby, Testing the potential for space-based monitoring of air pollution.


Benjamin Reed, Developing an experimental method for the retrieval of aerosol refractive indices at high wavenumber from coherent reflectance measurements, and testing the validity of the Coherent Scattering Model (CSM).

Wojciech Chrobak, Ash detection and characterisation in IASI data.


Jennifer Foreman, To m-infinity and beyond ...


Catherine Ansell, Two Independent Studies of Atmospheric Aerosols. I: Hygroscopic Growth & II: Aircraft Emissions.

Rhys Jones, Aerosol Inlet Design.

Katie Lean, Empirical methods for detecting atmospheric aerosol events from satellite measurements.

Andrew Stoter, Observations of the Karthala Eruption.

Helen Ward, Temporal variability of surface albedo.


Laurence Blaxter, Aerosol Sampling.

Andrew Mining, Measurement of Stratospheric CFCs.


Hisashi Arakawa, Investigation of Ship Tracks in ATSR-2 Satellite Imagery.

Chris Arnold, The effects of anthropogenic aerosols on cloud microphysical properties.

Michael Holmes, Detection of Aircraft Emission Signatures in Atmospheric Spectra.

Maksym Shostak, Scattering by non-spherical particless.

Francis Yeung, Reflection of the Earth's surface.


Andrew Brian, Multiple scattering by aerosols.

EODG 1st Year Reports


Ben Reed, Measurements of Aerosol Refractive Index: A New Refractometer Method.


Adam Povey, Development of an optimal estimation retrieval scheme for a Raman lidar system.

Lucy Ventress, Atmospheric sounding using IASI.


Chris Arnold, Cloud property retrievals using ATSR-2.

Haiyan Huang, Aerosol remote sensing using AATSR.


Andrew Smith, The scattering of light by non-spherical particles.

Rosalind West, Modelling cloud droplet formation.


Jamie Banks, Modelling the Transport of Saharan Dust Clouds.


Jane Hurley, Modelling Clouds in the Infrared.

Andy Sayer, Aerosol Remote Sensing Using AATSR.

Raveem Tahir, Aircraft Induced Cirrus Cloud.

Other EODG Reports and Related Theses

A. Dudhia, Representing Systematic Errors in Retrievals, 2018.

D.J. Fulton, Global dust deposit with ORAC, 2017.

R.G. Grainger and J.J. Barnett, Using the High Resolution and Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS) to Warn Aviation of Volcanic Ash, NERC Connect-A Report, 1997.

R.G. Grainger, Some Useful Formulae for Aerosol Size Distributions and Optical Properties, 2012.

J. Kemp, Using IASI to detect the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, 2013.

S. Lukanihins, Measurement methods of black carbon fractal parameters and size distribution parameters from SEM images, 2014.

A.J.A. Smith, Thoughts about covariance, 2013.

G.E. Thomas, A New Instrument for Atmospheric Aerosol Measurement, University of Canterbury, 2003.

C. Tock, Vacation Work 25th of June to 3rd of August, 2012.

D. Wurl, Optimal Estimation Retrieval of Aerosol Microphysical Properties in the Lower Stratosphere from SAGE II Satellite Observations, University of Canterbury, 2007.

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