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Current Weather

26-05-2018 02:09:56 GMT

Weather Summary SymbolTemperature11.7 C
Pressure(MSL)1023 mbar
Relative humidity96.3 %
Wind0.0 m/s (0.0 mph) at 0°
Rainfall Rate0.00 mm/min
SunNot shining
Last sunshine 16:47:01 24-05-2018
Last rainfall 09:02:57 25-05-2018

Since 00:00:05 26-05-2018

Maximum temperature11.9 C at 01:51:43
Minimum temperature10.9 C at 00:00:05
Maximum station pressure1011 mbar at 01:06:10
Minimum station pressure1010 mbar at 00:00:05
Maximum wind3.9 m/s (9.1 mph) at 01:52:23
Total rainfall0.00 mm
Total sunshine0.00 hours

Variation over the last two days

Today in red, yesterday in green.

Minima and maxima over the last 60 days

Minima in blue, maxima in red

Observations from 2001 to the present can be downloaded here. Please report any bugs or faults to (a value of -999 denotes missing data, which is only a fault if it persists for several minutes to hours).

Known issues:
- A new temperature/humidity sensor was installed on Dec 15 2016 and is currently using the factory calibration.
- Calibrations are applied to the live values but not to any max/min plot.