UK Rowing Address Book

Last Updated: 18SEP15
This is a directory of rowing-related UK companies and organisations, mostly taken from those advertising in Regatta magazine.

E-mail me ( any additions/corrections.

Dates after the name show the issue in which they last advertised. For those which haven't advertised, or at least not in the last 3 years, dates in brackets showed the last time that I checked that their web-pages still exist.

All given email addresses have had "@" changed to "-@-" as an antispam measure.

BOATS - Racing
BBG [May'12] UK agent: Ben Townsend, (remove hyphens around "@")
Burgashell [Sep'12]
Carl Douglas Sep'16
Empacher UK Apr'12
Fluidesign UK Aug'15
Glide Boats May'13
Hudson Sep'16
Janousek Sep'16
Kanghua Sep'16 uksales (at) (UK agents)
KIRS Oct'10
OarTec Nov'12 UK Agents for Resolute
Oxbridge Boats Sep'11 UK Distributors for Liangjin Shells
Phoenix Feb'15
Salani Sep'15
ScullingBoatSales May'13 Used sculling boats
Stampfli Sep'15
Stelph Racing Boats [Apr'10]
Swift Racing Boats Sep'15
Vespoli [May'10]
Oarsport Sep'16 WinTech
W W Marine Jul'15 Filippi

BOATS - Recreational
Burgashell [Sep'12] Also bank-tubs
Ahoy Sep'16 Edon, Lite Boat
Janousek Sep'15
Oartec Mar'12 Volans
Oarsport [Sep'12] WinTech
Oxbridge Boats Aug'11 UK Distributors for Liangjin Shells
Rossiter May'13 Coastal & Recreational
Swift Racing Jan'15
Thames Skiff Hire Nov'14
Vega [May'12] Donal Casey (UK Agent) email: (remove hyphens around @)
Virus [Mar'12] Ahoy-Boats
Westport Rowing Jul'14
Wraptor Balance Jan'13 (Irish website)

2XU Compression Sep'12
Accapi Oct'10
A.E. Clothier Sep'15 Blazers
The Bespoke Tie Company [May'12] Ties, also bow-ties, waistcoats, socks, cuff-links etc
Boathouse Sports Aug'14
Club-Blazers Sep'15 Blazers
Collier & Robinson Sep'16 Blazers
Crew Line [May'12]
Crewroom [May'10]
Dryrobe Jul'14
Fanatic [May'12] Redhead Clothing & Headsweats
Godfrey Rowsports Oct'14
Hugga Aug'15
JL Racing Sep'16
NewWave UK Nov'12
Perry Club Mar'14 Blazers
Pink Hippo Shop [May'12]
Powerhouse clothing [May'12]
Rock the Boat Nov'14
SealSkinz [May'12] waterproof socks & gloves
Shirtworks [May'12]
Smart Turnout [May'12] Ties, cuff-links, scarves etc
South Coast Rowing Supplies [May'12]
Sub Zero Clothing [May'12] Low Temperature clothing

Rowing Solutions Dec'11 Catamarans
ES Rowing Services Jul'14
Hampton Oct'10 Shearwater 24 launches
Oarsport Sep'12 WinTech catamarans
D & R Sep'16 Honda Marine Engines

ELECTRONICS (Amps, Ratemeters, Loudhailers, Lights)
active-tools Sep'16 Ratemeters, CoxOrb cox-boxes
Davies RowTech [Jun'10]
ES Rowing Services Jul'14 NK systems, Megaphones
Martley Electronics [Jun'10] Megaphones & 2-way radios
Oarsport Sep'16 NK systems
Rowing Boat Lights [Sep'07] Lights
Rowperfect Jun'12 Coxmate, rating watches
South Coast Sports Supplies [Aug'10] Boat lights (under "Rowing Accessories")

Concept II Sep'16
Demon Boats Mar'12 Ergometer servicing and repairs
First Degree Fitness Feb'15 Vortex fluid rower & Fluid Technology ergometers
HealthClubsAtHome [Jul'10] Concept & Fluid Rower
IndoorSports Apr'15 Concept erg rental
Oarsport Jan'15 Swingulator
Oartec Oct'14 Oartec Slider
Oarsome Grips Apr'15 Grips for erg handles
RowData [May'12] Concept2 ergs Servicing & Repairs
Rowgear [May'12] New and reconditioned Concept ergs and accessories; buyers of used or broken ergs and monitors.
TheRowingCompany May'14 Erg rental
Rowperfect Feb'12
Simply Fitness Equipment [Jun'10] V-fit Artemis Ergs (& other exercise machines)
Sliderdynamic Sep'16
WaterRower [Jun'10]

Camrascan [Jun'10] Vision & Control systems
Mikrotime Sports Systems [Jun'10] Timing systems
Running Imp [Jun'10] Event accessories
Stacy Sep'16 Printed numbers and stationery

FITTINGS (Riggers, seats, shoes, etc)
active-tools May'14 Adjustable length shoes
Carl Douglas Sep'15 AeRoWing riggers, AeRoFin, also fittings
Crew Line [May'12] Seat Pads
Demon Boats Mar'12 Fittings
ES Rowing Services Mar'14
Neaves Jan'13 Also Kavia lights and bow-balls
Oarsport Nov'12 Concept II Gates, Inserts, CLAMS.
Godfrey Rowsports Mar'14 Seat Grips
Len Neville [May'12] Riggers & Fittings
Magik Rowing Aug'15 Magik Rowing gates (Australian website)
ES Rowing Services Jul'14 Riggers, Fittings, also Ray Sims spares.
Pro-Row Aug'15 Seat pads
QR Racing Mar'11 LeverGlide stretcher quick-release system
Rowing Center UK Jul'14 Fittings (esp for Swift boats)
Rowperfect (UK) Ltd [May'12] Magik Rowing gates (UK distributor)

E & L [May'12]
Elite Rowing Insurance Sep'16
IRCM Feb'12
Mercia Marine [Aug'10]
Noble Insurance Sep'16

LIFEJACKETS (and rescue equipment)
ASPLI [Jul'10] Lifejackets and Throw Lines
BELL [May'12] Balcan Emergency Life Line
Bournemouth Canoes [Jul'10] Throw lines
Cheap Life Jackets [Jul'10]
Crew-Safe [Jul'10]
Crewsaver Ltd [Jul'10]
Force 4 [Jul'10]
GeTeK [Jul'10]
The Good Boat Shop [Feb'11]
Jones Boat Chandlery [Apr'13]
LifeJackets UK [Jul'10]
Mailspeed Marine [Jul'10]
The Marine Warehouse [Jul'10]

Braca Jul'15
Concept 2 Sep'16
Demon Boats Mar'12 Dreher
Dreher UK Apr'11 Dreher
Croker May'15 Croker
Oartec May'14 Croker
Oarsport Sep'16 WinTech
Oxbridge Boats Aug'11 UK Distributors for Z&J Sport oars
Rowperfect [May'12] Dreher
Sutton Oars & Sculls [Jul'10]
Xcell Sep'12

British Rowing [Jul'10] formerly the "Amateur Rowing Association"
Cambridge Sport Lakes [Jul'10]
Dorney Lake [Jul'10]
Environment Agency [Jul'10]
Longridge Feb'15 (Marlow)
National Water Sports Centre [Jul'10] (Nottingham)
River & Rowing Museum Aug'15 Henley
SW Lakes Trust [May'12] incl. Wimbleball Lake

BigBlade [Aug'10]
JET Photographic [Aug'10]

AccuDock Aug'14
Airfloat [Aug'10]
Connect-a-Dock Nov'12
ES Rowing Services Mar'14 Poralu
Pontoon & Dock Co.Ltd. [Mar'12] incl. pontoon hire.
Poralu Oct'12 S.Carr UK Rep

Burgashell [Sep'12]
Confido Racing Sep'16
Devil Boats May'13 enquiries.devilboats (at)
ES Rowing Services Sep'16
Rossiter Apr'13
Stanley & Thomas Jun'12

STORAGE (Racks, Trestles, Boat Bags)
Boat Bags Sep'16 Covers for boats, sculls, outside rack etc. & sling trestles
ES Rowing Services Jul'14
Neaves Jan'12
Rowperfect Oct'11 Oar/scull racking
OarSport [Sep'12] Trestles
Rowingpoint May'10 Seat bags
Swift Racing Jul'14 Racks, trestles

active-tools May'14
ES Rowing Services Jul'14
Godfrey Rowsports Oct'14 Rigger Jiggers (under Accessories/Bits'N'Bobs)
Neaves Jan'12
Rock the Boat Nov'14 Tools
South Coast Sports Supplies [May'12] Rigger Jiggers (under "Rowing Accessories")

TRANSPORT (Trailers & Roof Racks)
De Graaff Trailers Sep'16
ES Rowing Services Jul'14
Motiv Sep'15
Neaves Jan'12
Tim Crooks [May'12] Roof Racks

Auriol Boat House Company Mar'10
Celebration Crystal [Sep'10]
Coventry Silvercraft Feb'12 Trophies
Frances Lester [Sep'10] (30cm Silver blades)
Godfrey Rowsports [May'12] Jewellery
HRR - Regatta Shop [Sep'10]
Image Logo [Jul'10] Promotional products (bags, mugs, notepads, etc)
MasonDesigns [Sep'10] Jewellery
Pimm & Smart Sep'10 (Signwriters and Blade Illuminators) Randolph St, Oxford, Tel/Fax: 01865 242190
Pink Hippo Shop [Sep'10] Rowing Memorabilia
Rock the Boat Sep'16 Jewellery, Mugs
RowCo Feb'11 Cards & Gifts
Running Imp [Sep'10] Trophies
Trophy Blades [May'12] Illuminated oars, miniature boats, sign-writing
Wentworth [Sep'10] Tankards

Carrera Graphics [Sep'10]
Dawson Signs [Sep'10]
Dalton Designs [Sep'10]
Funky Monkey Boat Names [Sep'10]
Neaves Jan'12

Way's Bookshop [Sep'10]
Book-a-Boat [Dec'10] Software for training & maintainance
Porters Aug'10 Flags, flag-poles, banners