UK Rowing Address Book

Last Updated: 03JAN18
This is a directory of rowing-related UK companies and organisations, mostly taken from those advertising in Rowing & Regatta magazine.

E-mail me ( any additions/corrections.

Dates after the name show the issue in which they last advertised. For those which haven't advertised, or at least not in the last 3 years, dates in brackets showed the last time that I checked that their web-pages still exist.

All given email addresses have had "@" changed to " (at) " as an antispam measure.

Elsewhere ...

BOATS - Racing
Aylings May'17
Burgashell [Jul'17]
Carl Douglas Jan'18
Empacher UK [Jul'17]
Glide Boats [Jul'17]
Hudson Jan'18
Janousek Jan'18
Kanghua Jan'18 uksales (at) (UK agents)
Salani [Jul'17]
ScullingBoatSales [Jul'17] Used sculling boats
Stampfli Jan'18
Swift Racing Boats Jul'17
Vespoli [Jul'17]
Oarsport Jan'18 WinTech
W W Marine Jan'18 Filippi

BOATS - Recreational
Burgashell [Jul'17] Also bank-tubs
Ahoy Dec'17 Edon, Lite Boat, Nordic Explorer
Janousek Sep'17
Neaves Jan'18 Bank Tubs
Oarsport Jul'17 WinTech
Rossiter [Jul'17] Coastal & Recreational
Thames Skiff Hire [Jul'17]
Westport Rowing [Jul'17]
Wraptor Balance [Jul'17] (Irish website)

A.E. Clothier [Jul'17] Ties, Blazers
British Rowing [Dec'17] GB Replica kit
Club-Blazers [Jul'17] Blazers
ClubColours Jul'17 Blazers
Collier & Robinson Dec'17 Blazers
Crewroom [Jul'17]
Godfrey Rowsports [Jul'17]
Hugga May'17
JL Racing [Jul'17]
Leander Shop [Jul'17]
Perry Club Jan'18 Blazers
Powerhouse clothing [Jul'17]
Rock the Boat Dec'17
Rowing Blazers Jul'17
SealSkinz [Jul'17] waterproof socks & gloves
Shirtworks [Jul'17] t-shirt printing and clothing embroidery
Square Blades Jan'18
Sub Zero Clothing [Jul'17] Low Temperature clothing

Rowing Solutions [Jul'17] Catamarans
ES Rowing Services [Jul'17]
Oarsport [Jul'17] WinTech catamarans

ELECTRONICS (Amps, Ratemeters, Loudhailers, Lights)
active-tools Jan'18 Ratemeters, CoxOrb cox-boxes
Martley Electronics [Jul'17] Megaphones & 2-way radios
Oarsport [Jul'17] NK systems, Empower oarlock
Rowing Boat Lights [Jul'17] Lights
Rowperfect [Jul'17] Coxmate

Concept II Jan'18
First Degree Fitness Jan'18 Vortex fluid rower & Fluid Technology ergometers
Fitness Superstore Sep'17 Various models
IndoorSports [Jul'17] Concept erg rental
Oarsport [Jul'17] Swingulator, Concept hire
Oartec [Jul'17] Oartec DX
Oarsome Grips [Jul'17] Grips for erg handles
Rowgear [Jul'17] New and reconditioned Concept ergs and accessories; buyers of used or broken ergs and monitors.
Rowperfect [Jul'17]
WaterRower Dec'17

Mikrotime Sports Systems [Jul'17] Timing systems
Running Imp [Jul'17] Event accessories
Stacy Jan'18 Printed numbers and stationery

FITTINGS (Riggers, seats, shoes, etc)
active-tools [Jul'17] Adjustable length shoes
Carl Douglas Jan'18 AeRoWing riggers, AeRoFin, also fittings
ES Rowing Services [Jul'17]
Neaves Jan'18
Oarsport [Jul'17] Concept II Gates, Inserts, CLAMS.
Godfrey Rowsports [Jul'17] Seat Grips
QR Racing [Jul'17] LeverGlide stretcher quick-release system
Rowing Center UK [Jul'17] Fittings (esp for Swift boats)
Rowperfect (UK) Ltd [Jul'17] Magik Rowing gates (UK distributor)

Elite Rowing Insurance Jan'18
IRCM [Jul'17]
Mercia Marine [Jul'17]
Noble Insurance Jan'18

LIFEJACKETS (and rescue equipment)
ASPLI [Jul'17] Lifejackets and Throw Lines
BELL [Jul'17] Balcan Emergency Life Line
Crew-Safe [Jul'17]
Crewsaver Ltd [Jul'17]
Force 4 [Jul'17]
GeTeK [Jul'17]
The Good Boat Shop [Jul'17]
Jones Boat Chandlery [Jul'17]
Mailspeed Marine [Jul'17]
The Marine Warehouse [Jul'17]

Braca [Jul'17]
Concept 2 Jan'18
Croker [Jul'17] Croker
Oarsport Dec'17 WinTech
Xcell [Jul'17] also Suttons traditional wooden oars & sculls

British Rowing [Jul'17]
Cambridge Sport Lakes [Jul'17]
Dorney Lake [Jul'17]
Environment Agency [Jul'17]
Longridge [Jul'17] (Marlow)
National Water Sports Centre [Jul'17] (Nottingham)
River & Rowing Museum [Jul'17] Henley
SW Lakes Trust [Jul'17] incl. Wimbleball Lake

BigBlade [Jul'17]
JET Photographic [Jul'17]

AccuDock [Jul'17]
Airfloat [Jul'17]
Connect-a-Dock [Jul'17]
ES Rowing Services [Jul'17] Poralu
Pontoon & Dock Co.Ltd. [Jul'17] incl. pontoon hire.
Poralu [Jul'17] S.Carr UK Rep

Burgashell [Jul'17]
Confido Racing Jan'18
ES Rowing Services [Jul'17]
Stanley & Thomas [Jul'17]

STORAGE (Racks, Trestles, Boat Bags)
Boat Bags Sep'17 Covers for boats, sculls, outside rack etc. & sling trestles
ES Rowing Services [Jul'17] Trestles
Neaves Jan'18 Rolling Racks, Trestles
OarSport [Jul'17] Trestles

active-tools [Jul'17]
ES Rowing Services [Jul'17]
Godfrey Rowsports [Jul'17] Rigger Jiggers
Rock the Boat Dec'17 Toolkits, Rigger Jiggers

TRANSPORT (Trailers & Roof Racks)
De Graaff Trailers Jan'18
Motiv Jul'17

Auriol Boat House Company [Jul'17]
Celebration Crystal [Jul'17]
Coventry Silvercraft [Jul'17] Trophies
HRR - Regatta Shop [Jul'17]
MasonDesigns [Jul'17] Jewellery
Rock the Boat Dec'17 Jewellery, Mugs
RowCo [Jul'17] Cards & Gifts
Running Imp [Jul'17] Trophies
Trophy Blades [Jul'17] Illuminated oars, miniature boats
Wentworth [Jul'17] Tankards

Carrera Graphics [Jul'17]
Dawson Signs [Jul'17]
Funky Monkey Boat Names [Jul'17]

Way's Bookshop [Jul'17] Henley, specialising in books on rowing.
Porters [Jul'17] Flags, flag-poles, banners