Eights Statistics

At end of 2019 racing

Top crews, of those currently competing in Eights in different statistical categories

Where 2 or more crews share the same statistic only the highest placed crew is shown. See [Full Stats] for information on other crews.

Men's Crews Women's Crews Statistic
Headships & Div I crews
Oriel 2 Wolfson 2 Current Head of the River and days held [Full Stats]
Oriel 33 Somerville 8 Total number of Headships [Full Stats]
Christ Church 107 Wadham 34 Total number of years in Div I [Full Stats]
Oriel II 25 Wolfson II 23 Highest 2nd boat, position [Full Stats]
Wolfson III 55 Wolfson III 45 Highest 3rd boat, position [Full Stats]
Keble IV 74 University IV 74 Highest 4th boat, position [Full Stats]
Movement this week
New College III 7 Merton 5 Biggest rise this year [Full Stats]
Jesus II -6 Pembroke II -6 Biggest fall this year [Full Stats]
Movement over last 5 years
St Catherine's III 29 Wolfson III 28 Biggest rise over last 5 years [Full Stats]
St Anne's II -26 Worcester -14 Biggest fall over last 5 years [Full Stats]
Ongoing sequences
St Catherine's III 10 Green Templeton 10 Consecutive days rising [Full Stats]
Merton IV 19 Green Templeton 37 Consecutive days without falling [Full Stats]
Magdalen II 20 Wadham 22 Consecutive days without rising [Full Stats]
Mansfield II 8 Worcester 16 Consecutive days falling [Full Stats]
Historical Statistics
Jesus 1815 Wolfson 1976 Earliest year of participation [Full Stats]
Brasenose 1838 Wolfson 1976 Earliest start of continuous participation [Full Stats]
Christ Church 187 Wolfson 44 Number of years of participation [Full Stats]
Merton 11 St John's II 11 Biggest rise in one year [Full Stats]
Keble II -11 St Catherine's II -8 Biggest fall in one year [Full Stats]
S.E.H. III 21 Lincoln II 13 Consecutive days rising [Full Stats]
Oriel 49 Green Templeton 37 Consecutive days without falling [Full Stats]
Balliol 62 Queen's II 45 Consecutive days without rising [Full Stats]
Wadham III 22 Linacre 17 Consecutive days falling [Full Stats]
Blades & Spoons
Wadham II 12 Mansfield 7 Number of times gained Blades [Full Stats]
Merton II 18 St Catherine's II 11 Number of times gained Spoons [Full Stats]
Green Templeton 27.3 Green Templeton 36.4 Percentage of years gaining Blades [Full Stats]
Wadham III 23.1 University III 40.0 Percentage of years gaining Spoons [Full Stats]
Lincoln 164 Somerville 43 Number of years without Blades [Full Stats]
Wolfson 50 Pembroke 39 Number of years without Spoons [Full Stats]