Eights 2018

27MAY18 Complete results

Official results will be posted on the OURCs web-pages. Any questions regarding the information on these pages, contact Anu Dudhia.

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Finish Order
Saturday [PDF]
Complete [PDF] (with Osler M1, W1 and Wadham W2 re-inserted 4 places lower)

Start Order [PDF]

Start Order [PDF]

Start Order [PDF] (W.Div 4 corrected)

Start Order [PDF] - Note some adjustments in Division times from Provisional starting order (eg M.Div VII at 11:55 instead of noon).

Statistics (updated at end of each day's racing)
College Stats for this year's racing
Crew Stats for Eights by category
For individual crew stats, click on crew name in any web version of the starting order

Rowing On
In Rowing On there were

2018 Entries
The new entries (headed by Corpus M4 and New W3) have been randomised.
Crews from each college have been numbered sequentially, irrespective of the order in which they Rowed On (i.e., Ch.Ch. M3/M4, Catz M3/M4 renumbered)
This is based on the 2017 "Complete" finishing order, removing those crews which have not entered for 2018, which, from the fixed divisions, were: and moving the remaining crews up (and the above 3 crews will be reinserted 4 places lower in the 2018 Complete finishing order).
Note that this moved Keble M3, BNC W2 and Jesus W2 into the 'fixed' divisions although these crews still had to Row On to take up these places.

2017 Finishing Order
Saturday [PDF]
Complete [PDF] (with Osler W1 and Trinity W2 re-inserted 4 places lower)
For 2017, Osler W1 (13th WDiv2) and Trinity W2 (9th WDiv4) were not entered so were reinserted in the 2017 complete finish order 4 places lower down (Rule A3.7.3)