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18 Feb
Isis Winter League D
84 crews raced
1st 4:17.0 Wolfson B 1st/46 M8
5th 4:25.5 St Catherine's A (M1) 5th/46 M8 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C]
26th 5:04.0 Wolfson A 1st/29 W8
29th 5:05.5 St Catherine's B (M2) 28th/46 M8
43rd 5:23.0 St Catherine's A (W1) 4th/29 W8 [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F]
62nd 5:44.0 St Catherine's B (W2) 14th/29 W8

4 Feb
Isis Winter League D
51 crews raced
1st 4:28.5 Wolfson A. 1st/27 M8
20th 5:38.5 L.M.H. 1st/20 W8
21st 5:41.0 St Catherine's (M2) 21st/27 M8 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C]
29th 5:50.5 St Catherine's (W1) 7th/20 W8 [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G]

21 Jan
Morgan McGovern (M.18) rowed no.5 in Coursing River in the OUWBC Trial VIIIs race [Race Report]

21 Jan
Isis Winter League C
40 crews raced
14th 5:21.0 L.M.H. 1st/14 W8
24th 5:53.0 St Catherine's 6th/14 W8 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D]

Term Event Men Women

HT2018 IWL-C - 90.9

MT2017 IWL-B 100.7 -
MT2017 IWL-A - 90.9

HT2017 IWL-E 101.3 -
HT2017 IWL-D 98.2 -
HT2017 IWL-C 93.0 59.8

MT2016 IWL-B 101.1 -
MT2016 IWL-A 102.7 -

HT2016 IWL-C 90.1 91.6

MT2015 IWL-B - 95.6
MT2015 IWL-A 95.9 -

HT2015 IWL-E 87.9 90.7
HT2015 IWL-D - 84.5
HT2015 IWL-C 86.8 -

TT2014 ISL 91.2 -

MT2013 IWL-A 98.8 -

(RIGHT) Recent Catz 1st VIII performances in IWL races, expressed as a percentage of the speed of the fastest non-Catz crew. Figures > 100% (highlighted in gold) indicate events where Catz were the fastest crew.

26 Nov
Isis Winter League B
32 crews raced
=1st 4:28 St Catherine's MA 1st/13 M8
=1st 4:28 St Catherine's MC 1st/13 M8 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C]
8th 5:14 St Catherine's MD 8th/13 M8 [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F]
16th 5:34 St Catherine's ME 12th/13 M8

22-25 Nov
Christ Church Regatta
Men's Novice VIIIs (67 entries)
St Catherine's MA
Wed Round 1 beat Merton MA Easily
Thu Round 2 lost to Wolfson A 2½ L Photos: [E] [F]
St Catherine's MB
Wed Round 1 lost to Exeter MA* 1½ L
Thu Round 2 lost to Magdalen A 2 L Photos: [A] [B] [C] [D]

Women's Novice VIIIs (51 entries)
St Catherine's WA
Wed Round 1 lost to Brasenose WA Easily
Thu Repechage beat Exeter WB Rowed Over
Fri Round 3 lost to Keble WA Rowed Over

* 'Friendly crew' - ineligible to proceed

17 Nov
Nephthys Regatta
Women's Senior VIIIs (8 entries)
Q/F St Catherine's Lost to Keble 1 L

29 Oct
Upper Thames Autumn Head
Div 1: 158 crews raced
1st 9:03.94 Thames RC 1st/6 Club 8
3rd 9:17.80 Oriel 3rd/6 Club 8
4th 9:26.88 U.West of England 1st/8 Academic 8
9th 9:35.37 St Catherine's 3rd/8 Academic 8

29 Oct
Isis Winter League A
36 crews raced
8th 5:08.0 Pembroke A 1st/9 W8
21st 5:39.0 St Catherine's 7th/9 W8 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D]


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