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23 June 2018
Gaudy Paddle
C: James Wills (C), S: Morgan McGovern, 7: Rosie Bridson, 6: Imogen Ochoa, 5: Katie Power, 4: Emily Baldock, 3: Miriam Mahmoud, 2: Rosemary Lang, B: Sarah Boddy.
Photos: [A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [I] [J] [K]

26 May 2018
The winner of this year's Ben Sylvester Award is Holly Smith. [More ...]

23–26 May 2018
Men's I 10th Div I bpd by Trinity -1 [Photo DD] [Photo EE]
Women's I 8th Div II bumped Trinity +1 [Photo BB] [Photo CC]
Men's II 5th Div IV bpd by St Hilda's -1 [Photo W] [Photo Y] [Photo Z]
Men's III 8th Div VI bpd Christ Church II +5 [Photo L] [Photo M] [Photo N] [Photo O] [Photo P] [Photo Q] [Photo R]
Women's II 2nd Div VI bumped St Antony's II +1 [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G] [Photo H] [Photo I] [Photo J]
14th Div V bumped Exeter II +3 [Photo K] [Photo S] [Photo T] [Photo U] [Photo V]
Men's IV 12th Div VII bpd by L.M.H. III -1 [Photo A]
Other photos: [Boathouses] [OURCs Swan] [SCCBC - dry] [SCCBC - getting wet] [SCCBC - very wet ] [Keble Boathouse]

Men's I 9th Div I bpd by S.E.H. -1 [Photo Q]
Women's I 8th Div II Rowed over = [Photo O] [Photo P]
Men's II 5th Div IV Rowed over = [Photo K] [Photo L] [Photo M]
Men's III 9th Div VI bumped Jesus IV +1 [Photo H] [Photo I] [Photo J]
Women's II 3rd Div VI bumped Corpus Christi III +1 [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G]
Men's IV 11th Div VII bpd by S.E.H. III -1 [Photo A]
Other photos: [Morgan does Umpiring] [W.Div.VI] [Carnage in the Gut (M.Div III)]

Men's I 9th Div I Rowed over = [Photo Y] [Photo Z]
Women's I 8th Div II Rowed over = [Photo V] [Photo W] [Photo X]
Men's II 4th Div IV bpd by G.T.C. -1 [Photo Q] [Photo R] [Photo S] [Photo T]
Men's III 10th Div VI bumped St Hugh's II +1 [Photo H] [Photo I] [Photo J] [Photo M] [Photo N] [Photo O] [Photo P]
Women's II 3rd Div VI Rowed over = [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G] [Photo K]
Men's IV 10th Div VII bpd by Brasenose III -1 [Photo C] [Photo D]
Other photos: [Jesus IV (Vikings)] [Committee Swan]

Men's I 10th Div I bumped Magdalen +1 [Photo O] [Photo P] [Photo Q]
Women's I 8th Div II rowed over = [Photo L] [Photo M] [Photo N]
Men's II 3rd Div IV bpd by Trinity II -1 [Photo H] [Photo I] [Photo J] [Photo K]
Men's III 11th Div VI bumped St Hilda's II +1 [Photo F] [Photo G]
Women's II 4th Div VI bumped Jesus III +1 [Photo C] [Photo D] [Photo E]
Men's IV 10th Div VII rowed over = [Photo A] [Photo B]

20th May 2018
Ben Sylvester Award
The following have been nominated for the 2018 award The winner will be announced at the Boat Club Dinner next Saturday.

18th May 2018
Rowing On
Men's Eights (28 from 29 to qualify)
1st New III 2:49.5
=2nd St Catherine's IV 2:52.0 [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G] [Photo H]
=28th St Catherine's III 3:52.0 [Photo A] [Photo B]

Women's Eights (29 from 30 to qualify)
1st Wolfson III 3:10.0
=4th St Catherine's II 3:28.5 [Photo C] [Photo D]
29th Pembroke IV 4:05.5

25th March 2018
The Boat Races
Men's Blue Boats
CUBC bt OUBC 3 L 17:51
Men's Reserves
Goldie bt Isis 2½ L 18:12
Women's Reserves
Blondie bt Osiris 9 L 19:45
Women's Blue Boats
CUWBC bt OUWBC 7 L 19:06
2018 was Cambridge's first 'clean sweep' of all 6 Boat Races since 1993 (Oxford having achieved this in 2002 and 2013).

24th March 2018
Veterans Boat Race
Oxford bt Cambridge 8:53 ¾ L

18th March 2018
Henley Boat Races (held at Dorney Lake)
[Race Reports]
Men's Lightweights
CULRC bt OULRC 6:26 ⅓ L
Women's Lightweights
Men's Lightweight Reserves (4+)
Granta bt Nephthys 7:24 ¾ L
Women's Lightweight Reserves (4+)
Tethys bt CUWBCL 8:15 Easily

28 Feb – 3 March
Men's I 4th in Div I Rowed Over =
Women's I 3rd in Div III Bumped Wadham II +1 [Photo J] [Photo K] [Photo L] [Photo M]
Men's II 7th in Div IV Bumped Wadham III +1 [Photo G] [Photo H] [Photo I]
Women's II 12th in Div V Bpd by G.T.C. II -1 [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D]
Other photos [Boat wreck] [Snowpath] [Snowpath]
Racing cancelled due to cold weather
Racing cancelled due to cold weather. Towpath photos:
[Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G] [Photo H] [Photo I]
Racing in half-divisions [Keeping warm]
Men's I 4th in Div Ia Bpd by Christ Church -1
Women's I 2nd in Div IIIa Bumped Worcester +1 [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D] [Photo E]
7th in Div IIb Rowed Over = [Photo F] [Photo G]

26 Feb
Boat Race Crews
Morgan McGovern (M.17) selected for OUWBC. [More ...]
Catz' last women's Blue was Emily Woodeson in 2000.

23 Feb
Rowing On
Women's crews: top 14 from 26 to qualify
1st 3:21.5 Christ Church II
4th 3:28.0 St Catherine's II [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D]
14th 3:38.0 Hertford II

18 Feb
Isis Winter League E
84 crews raced
1st 4:17.0 Wolfson B 1st/46 M8
5th 4:25.5 St Catherine's A (M1) 5th/46 M8 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C]
26th 5:04.0 Wolfson A 1st/29 W8
29th 5:05.5 St Catherine's B (M2) 28th/46 M8
43rd 5:23.0 St Catherine's A (W1) 4th/29 W8 [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F]
62nd 5:44.0 St Catherine's B (W2) 14th/29 W8

4 Feb
Isis Winter League D
51 crews raced
1st 4:28.5 Wolfson A. 1st/27 M8
20th 5:38.5 L.M.H. 1st/20 W8
21st 5:41.0 St Catherine's (M2) 21st/27 M8 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C]
29th 5:50.5 St Catherine's (W1) 7th/20 W8 [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G]

21 Jan
Morgan McGovern (M.18) rowed no.5 in Coursing River in the OUWBC Trial VIIIs race [Race Report]


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