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14th March
Augustin Wambersie (M.18) named as stroke of the Oxford Blue Boat [More ...]

27th Feb – 2nd March, 2019
Men's 1st Torpid 4th Div I Rowed over = [Photo R] [Photo S]
Women's 1st Torpid 10th Div II bpd Wolfson II +1 *** BLADES *** [Photo T] [Photo J] [Photo K] [Photo L] [Photo M] [Photo N] [Photo O] [Photo P] [Photo Q]
Men's 2nd Torpid 3rd Div IV bumped by Keble II -1 [Photo G] [Photo H] [Photo I]
Women's 2nd Torpid 7th Div V bpd Keble II +1 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F]

Men's 1st Torpid 4th Div I Rowed over = [Photo L] [Photo M]
Women's 1st Torpid 11th Div II bpd Linacre. +1 [Photo I] [Photo J] [Photo K]
Men's 2nd Torpid 4th Div IV bpd Keble II +1 [Photo F] [Photo G]
Women's 2nd Torpid 8th Div V bpd G.T.C. II +1 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D] [Photo E]

Men's 1st Torpid 5th Div I bpd Christ Church +1
Women's 1st Torpid 12th Div II bpd S.E.H. +1 [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G] [Photo H]
Men's 2nd Torpid 4th Div IV Rowed over = [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D]
Women's 2nd Torpid 7th Div V bpd by New III -1

Men's 1st Torpid 5th Div I Rowed over = [Photo Q] [Photo R] [Photo S]
Women's 1st Torpid 1st Div III Rowed over = [Photo I] [Photo J] [Photo K] [Photo L]
& 13th Div II bpd Mansfield +1 [Photo M] [Photo N] [Photo O] [Photo P]
Men's 2nd Torpid 6th Div IV bpd New College II +2 [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G] [Photo H]
Women's 2nd Torpid 5th Div V bpd by Keble II -2 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D]

22nd February, 2019
Rowing On
Men's crews - 14 from 28 to qualify
1st 2:50.0 Wolfson IV Qualified
=14th 3:08.0 S.E.H. IV Qualified
25th 3:31.5 St Catherine's III Failed [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F]

Women's crews - 14 from 22 to qualify
1st 3:18.5 University II Qualified
4th 3:27.5 St Catherine's II Qualified [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C]
=14th 3:46.5 St Benet's Hall Qualified

16th February, 2019
Henley Fours & Eights Head
Div I - 96 crews raced
1st 9:19.7 Goldie 1st/10 M8 Band 1
12th 10:34.8 Wadham 2nd/10 M8 Band 2
14th 10:40.7 St Catherine's 1st/12 M8 Band 3
21st 10:49.0 Brasenose 2nd/12 M8 Band 3
25th 11:09.7 Corpus Christi 3rd/12 M8 Band 3
27th 11:23.8 L.M.H. 8th/10 M8 Band 2
31st 11:32.2 Balliol 5th/12 M8 Band 3
39th 12:03.3 Linacre 8th/12 M8 Band 3
42nd 12:18.6 Wadham II 10th/12 M8 Band 3
44th 12:12.2 U.London 1st/6 W4+ Band 1
71st 13:36.3 St Catherine's 1st/6 W4+ Band 3
72nd 13:46.7 Corpus Christi 2nd/6 W4+ Band 3
86th 14:54.0 Linacre 4th/6 W4+ Band 3

3rd February, 2019
Isis Winter League D
66 crews raced
1st 4:17.0 Wolfson B 1st/34 M8
=15th 4:52.0 St Catherine's C (M2) =15th/34 M8 [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G]
=15th 4:52.0 St Catherine's B (M2) =15th/34 M8 [Photo K] [Photo L] [Photo M]
27th 5:10.0 L.M.H. A 1st/22 W8
33rd 5:17.5 St Catherine's A (W1) 4th/22 W8 [Photo H] [Photo I] [Photo J]
52nd 5:46.0 St Catherine's B (W2) 15th/22 W8 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C] [Photo D]

20th January, 2019
Isis Winter League C
39 crews raced
1st 4:31 Wolfson B 1st/20 M8
4th 4:39 St Catherine's A (M1) 4th/20 M8 [Photo A] [Photo B] [Photo C]
8th 4:45.5 St Catherine's B (M1) 8th/20 M8 [Photo H] [Photo I] [Photo J]
=17th 5:20.5 St Catherine's C (M2) 17th/20 M8 [Photo K] [Photo L]
=17th 5:20.5 L.M.H. A 1st/16 W8
19th 5:25 St Catherine's D (M2) 18th/20 M8 [Photo M] [Photo N] [Photo O]
22nd 5:37.5 St Catherine's A (W1) 2nd/16 W8 [Photo D] [Photo E] [Photo F] [Photo G]
36th 6:27.0 St Catherine's B (W2) 13th/16 W8 [Photo P]


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