Physics of Rowing

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This site contains a series of pages covering the basic Physics of Rowing and, below, some frequently asked questions related together with links to where answers can be found.



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FAQ: Basic Physics of Rowing

  1. Propulsion
  2. Resistance
  3. Kinetic Energy
  4. Centre of Mass
  5. Speed Variation
  6. Balance
  7. Levers
  8. Gearing
  9. Newton's Laws of Motion

FAQ: Physics of Weight & Rowing

  1. Introduction
  2. Relationship between Power and Weight
  3. Power/Weight Ratios
  4. Relationship between Weight and Erg Speed
  5. Relationship between Weight and Boat Speed
  6. Speeds of different Boat Classes
  7. Effect of deadweight
  8. Relationship between Erg Score and Boat Speed
  9. Effect of Boat Weight on Boat Speed

FAQ: Physics of Stream/Depth & Rowing

  1. Introduction
  2. Viscosity
  3. Boat Resistance
  4. River Flow
  5. Upstream/Downstream Resistance
  6. Shallow Water Resistance
  7. Upstream/Downstream times

FAQ: Physics of Ergometers

  1. Introduction
  2. Mechanics of Rotating Bodies
  3. Power Dissipation
  4. Power Supplied
  5. Changing the Cog
  6. Changing the Damping
  7. Measuring the Damping
  8. Measuring the Power Supplied
  9. Indicated Speed (Splits) and Distance
  10. Indicated Power v. Indicated Speed (Splits)
  11. Power v. Indicated Calories
  12. Dynamic v. Static Ergs
  13. Effect of Rating
  14. Effect of Altitude
  15. Glossary of terms used in Rotational Mechanics

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