Oxford Rainfall & Torpids

The plot shows the monthly rainfall in each the last 12 months (white columns) compared with the long term average (shown by dashes). The blue/red columns show differences from the long term average for each month. Data supplied by the Radcliffe Meteorological Station.
The table shows the years since 1987 in descending order of total Jan+Feb rainfall, together with the impact on Torpids. The Rain figures are the difference from the long-term average (=93mm).
Year Rain Effect on Torpids
2014 +143mm Cancelled
1995 +105mm 2-day Torpids, Women's 1st and Men's 1st and 2nd Divisions.
1990 +77mm 2-day Torpids, Men's 1st and 2nd Divisions only.
2007 +61mm Cancelled
2010 +54mm 2 restricted days, 2 full days
1994 +51mm 1-day Torpids, All divisions.
1999 +48mm 4-day Torpids, but Fixed-division crews only until last day.
1988 +41mm Normal
2016 +36mm Normal
2002 +35mm Cancelled
2001 +33mm 4-day Torpids, Fixed-division crews, Sen crews only on 1st day.
2013 +17mm Normal
2011 +15mm Normal
2017 +14mm Normal
1996 +12mm Normal
2015 +8mm Normal
2009 +7mm Normal
2008 +3mm Normal
2003 +3mm 3-day Torpids - last day cancelled
2000 +2mm Cancelled
2004 -1mm Normal
1993 -3mm 4-day Torpids, Fixed-division crews only.
1989 -4mm Normal
1997 -5mm Normal
1991 -11mm Normal
2018 -12mm 1 full day, 1 restricted day (due to cold rather than flow)
2019 -25mm Normal
1998 -26mm 3-day Torpids - last day cancelled
1992 -40mm Normal
2012 -38mm Normal
2006 -44mm Normal
1987 -50mm Normal
2005 -55mm Normal