St Catherine's College Rowing Society
Vice Presidents: Don Barton, Neil Chugani, Richard Peters, Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE, Ben Sylvester, Andrew Triggs Hodge OBE.

The Rowing Society

The St Catherine's College Rowing Society was formed in 1984 with two main purposes:
  1. to act as a supporters' club for the present SCCBC, and
  2. to enable former members of SCCBC to keep in touch (for which there is also a Facebook Group)
Currently the Society has around 300 members, and membership is open to all alumni and students of St Catherine's College, Oxford .

Newsletters & Latest News

Everyone on the e-mail list receives Rowing Society newsletters electronically, generally a couple of weeks before the posted versions. Contact me if you want to be added to this list.

Alumni on Twitter

Also: St Catz Boat Club

A History of St Catherine's Rowing 1875-1999

Hardback, 305 pages, 68 illustrations. Published by Alden Press, Oxford. ISBN 0 9531279 1 5.

Can you help ?

We're trying to compile lists of past boat club members and crews and would appreciate it if you could check that we have the correct details for yourself and those of your era

If you can fill in any of the gaps or have any corrections, please let me know (

Future Alumni/Rowing Events

27 Feb – 2 March 2019 Torpids
2 March 2019 RS AGM & Dinner
5 May 2019 RS Committee Meeting
29 May – 1 June 2019 Eights

General Information

oCollege Alumni Information

Email if you have any queries regarding the Rowing Society.

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