St Catherine's College Rowing Society
President: Prof Ceri Peach
Vice Presidents: Don Barton, Neil Chugani, Richard Peters, Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE, Ben Sylvester, Andrew Triggs Hodge OBE.

The Benjamin F. Sylvester Jr Award

The winner of the 2017 award is Georgios Ntentas

Georgios Ntentas being presented with this year's Ben Sylvester medal at the Boat Club Dinner

[BFS Award]

Georgios was men's Captain 2015/16 and is the current Boat Club President, as well as a member of the Rowing Society Committee. Those nominating him described him as follows:

".. he's done so much to raise the profile of the boatclub throughout college. The trip to Japan is the obvious example, setting a precedent for St Catherine's to compete on a level only he had the ambition and commitment to reach for and organise. [Also] a training camp in Nottingham, one later in the year in Holland and then this year coming back again to do most of the work for our trip to the Lake District."

"... often single-handedly making things like camps, boat sales and outings come together, George has been vital in the smooth running of the Club."

Also nominated were: Ryan Grimes, Jenna Poole, Holly Smith, Matt Smith, James Wills and David Zimmer.

Background of the Award

At the North American alumni reunion on March 16, 2002, Sir Peter Williams announced the establishment of an award to commemorate the splendid and varied contributions made by Benjamin F. Sylvester, Jr to the College. The award has been funded by the St Catherine's College (Oxford) Foundation.
A Benjamin F. Sylvester, Jr medal will be given annually to the member of the Boat Club who has most significantly contributed to enhancing the rowing life of St Catherine's College, Oxford.
Names of winners will also be displayed on a plaque to be mounted in the boathouse club room. Nominations will be solicited from members of the Boat Club and will be judged by a committee of former College oarsmen. The medal, designed by Dana Edmondson, depicts a Catherine wheel comprised of oars on a background of water. At the ends of the oars are flames symbolizing warmth and illumination. At the center of the medal is the crest of St Catherine's College, Oxford.

Design for the Benjamin F. Sylvester, Jr medal
[BFS Medal]

Previous Winners

2016 James Wills (Alice Pickthall proxime accessit)
2015 Miriam Mahmoud
2014 Ben Baron
2013 Joshua Morgan
2012 Joanna Harrall
2011 Theresa Kevorkian (Phillip McCullough proxime accessit)
2010 Jack Plummer
2009 Anu Dudhia (Special Award)
2009 Malcolm Spencer
2008 James Dunbar (Dane van den Akker proxime accessit)
2007 Michael Tran (Katharine Pierce proxime accessit)
2006 Darren Chadwick (Michael Tran proxime accessit)
2005 Steve Wicks
2004 Dan Robson
2003 Mike Bull
2002 Emily Woodeson
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